Teffy * Always in our hearts

May 2015 RIP

Teffy came into rescue from a shelter where her owners had taken her. She had a severe ear infection that she had probably suffered with over a year.  Sadly, as much as our vets tried to help her, she didn’t survive. Teffy endured an ear ablation surgery where the whole ear canal is removed; her ear flap also had to go as it was just seeping fungal pus. She pulled through this difficult surgery well and seemed to be improving. We were all so hopeful until she collapsed a a couple of weeks after surgery – the infection  had got into her brain.

She didn’t make it to our website but she was in the most loving foster home who made her last few weeks her best.

Thank you to everyone who followed her story on facebook and sent her your best, and especially to those who donated to the rescue for her very expensive surgeries.