UPDATE May 2, 2019:

The foreign body in Lily’s ear was removed. Nothing to be worried about, although there is still a bit of infection and it looks as though her tympanic membrane is partially ruptured. That will heal and grow back over time.

The masses were removed at the same time. The histopathology indicates all were benign…Great news!

Look for Lily to be posted soon under Available Goldens.

April 22, 2019:

What a difference a few weeks can make! With medicated baths twice weekly, Lily’s skin is softening and we are seeing new fur growth. Right now her coat is about the length of a lab’s coat, but it is filling in nicely. 

Her blood work upon intake indicated her thyroid function was low so Lily has been on medication from the start. Recent tests show her levels are back to normal and she is feeling great. Here is what she looks like after a three mile walk!

On the flip side, during her recent recheck, our vet discovered that her ear infection is caused by a foreign body lodged deep in the ear canal. It is causing her pain, and cannot be removed without anesthesia. Lily will undergo sedation for the removal of what is most likely a foxtail, and three small masses on her hind end very soon.

TigerLily’s Journey:

Sweet Lily was surrendered to the shelter by her family stating they could not afford the cost of medical care. Her condition is simply one of severe neglect. Lily suffers from skin infections and ear infections left unchecked, leaving her looking much older than her six years. Regardless of her discomfort, she is the calmest, sweetest pup you can imagine.


Her current regimen is medicated baths twice weekly and antibiotics to treat her ears and skin. As her skin shows sign of improvement and we see new hair growth, her baths will be tapered back. ‘Skin’ dogs are slow in the healing process but pretty soon you won’t recognize her!

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