UPDATE – April 25, 2019:

Tony saw his orthopedic surgeon today.  He was examined and X-rays were taken. The X-rays revealed the gap where the break in his bone was is filling in  nicely,  as are the holes are where the screws were removed. Tony’s joints are in alignment. He may always have a slight bow in this leg, but the surgeon is not worried about that. Tony has what looks like a big hard lump on his leg, but that is expected as the bone growth tends to overcompensate. That should get smaller and possibly go away altogether. 

We are so happy that Tony will not need any surgery! His rehabilitation complete, look for him on the website under Available Goldens…coming soon!


April 8, 2018: Tony is doing great but not much change at this point. He currently has no cast splint or bandage on his leg.  He’s been without any bandage for about a week and a half and is not putting much weight on his leg. His x-rays were pushed out to the last week of April and he is on limited activity. Hopefully the x-rays will be good news. At that point we will have a plan of action.

Keep positive thought s for Tony!


March 12, 2019: Last week Tony had more x-rays taken. The holes in his bone are starting to fill in, and it looks like the break may be starting to fill in as well, although not as quickly as we would like. Dr Gassel removed the hard splint switched to a soft bandage instead, trying to stimulate more healing for bone growth. We will keep changing the soft bandage weekly and retake x-rays again in three weeks. 

Tony is still very much a puppy with puppy energy and enthusiasm, even when sedated….


Last night, he walked right out of his soft bandage, so we had an unscheduled bandage change!

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February 20, 2019:  Tony has his 2nd bandage change and his leg looks SO much better! It’s not nearly as inflamed or swollen as it was a week ago. He goes for another bandage change on Tuesday and will see the vet for X-rays in 2 weeks. Just look at the smile on his face.

He’s definitely feeling better , he just wants to play and be the puppy that he is but he needs to stay calm.



February 6, 2019:  Tony had a visit with the orthopedic surgeon this morning. He is pretty certain he can fix Tony’s leg, which is fabulous news! We need to wait to give his leg time to grow bone back into those holes left by the screws that were removed in Turkey.


Tony now has a custom fiberglass split and bandages for a month, with bandage changes every 5 days or so. We will then take another x-ray of the leg in hope that there is more bone there to work with since grafts will be needed for the surgery.


There is a slim chance that over this month the break could begin healing on its own, but the vet isn’t counting on that. Tony is on antibiotics, pain meds, and a tranquilizer to help keep him calm (he is a puppy and so wants to play but he is not allowed) so he and his foster bro must be separated. Tough job for mom because they really love each other!

More updates to come.


Tony’s Journey:

Tony arrived at LAX on February 1st, after a 14 hour flight from Turkey. With another four hour wait to clear customs, it was 18 hours before he could get out and stretch his legs on US soil. He was clearly in pain all night. He couldn’t settle and was panting and drooling.

We knew of Tony’s medical history before he arrived. International rescue was his only hope. Both of Tony’s legs have been broken in multiple places and have had horribly done surgeries on them. Initial x-rays in Turkey revealed ten massive screws and plates in both legs, using excessive hardware not suited in any way for this type of repair,  causing more damage and great pain. It seems more like an experiment than treatment. His left leg being the worst, rescue partners in Turkey had their vet remove some of the screws before his departure to the US.

Tony was immediately seen by our vet. Current x-rays indicate his leg has not properly healed and the bones are severely damaged by the screws. He was placed in a splint, bandaged, and put on medications until we can get him to an orthopedic specialist on Wednesday, February 6.

At this time, we know at least one pin from his right leg will need to be removed and his left leg will require another surgery. We are hoping something can be done to repair the break and allow his bones to heal, but we must come to the realization that he may ultimately lose this leg.

Through all of this pain and displacement, Tony’s golden spirit keeps shining through.

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Thank you for keeping Tony in your thoughts!