Meet Torrey!

Meet Torrey, a very sweet 10 month old Aussie/golden mix. As is the case currently with many puppies born this last annus horribilis, Torrey has likely spent most of his young life alone and has not met many (if any) canine friends . It is quite obvious that he was neglected from very early on in terms of getting any playtime or walks, and his doggie etiquette is somewhat lacking. When he first arrived at his foster home, he freaked out when meeting both the resident golden and the cat. Within only a day or two, he had begun playing and cuddling with her , and his very cute puppy mannerisms quickly revealed themselves once he was comfortable with both her and his foster parents (as far as the cat, he does enjoy occasionally chasing her when the mood strikes him, however there is no aggression-we would deem him feline compatible .)
After a few days of being with his foster parents, Torrey quickly adjusted and revealed his very cute puppy mannerisms. Torrey does well on leash and absolutely loves going for at least a few walks a day, but he can be dog reactive. He does well with dogs he knows and gets used to, but with dogs that intrude on “his” space without warning, he reacts and needs reassurance that everything is okay. He is getting much better though, and we are certain with more time, patient direction and reassurance he will become well adjusted in almost any environment. Torrey is so loving and very responsive to positive reinforcement when learning-he very much wants to make his humans happy and is very food motivated and impressionable. Torrey loves to sleep near his foster parents and snuggle with them and his golden fur sister.
As with any puppy, leaving any items other than dog toys on the floor is highly discouraged, because Torrey can be quite the opportunist and turns any hat, sock, or remote into a snack. Again, as with any puppy, he LOVES to chew, so appropriate durable chews can and should be left for him to discover and enjoy. Highly recommended would be continued, consistent puppy training since he didn’t get much prior to entering rescue. Note: he did do a group session with one of our behaviorists for assessment regarding dog reactivity with about a dozen other dogs, and she had him completely under control and calm after only a very short time-he reacts very, very well to consistent direction and reassurance, and he passed the session with high marks from her.
Torrey is truly such a gentle, sweet boy who has brought a lot of joy and love into his foster home.  We believe he would do well with other dog(s) in the home (after proper introductions) or as an only dog with lots of exposure to new canine friends. We do not know how he would be with small kids, as he has not been introduced to any during his time in rescue, older kids would likely be just fine. He is a great pup, longing for a great family to call his own.
If you think you might be that family, and would like to meet Torrey, please contact his rep at
Please ensure that you have completed the application process, which includes both the on line application as well as your in home interview, prior to contacting his rep.
At 10 months of age, the adoption donation for Torrey is $600.
Torrey’s ID# 5409