Update July 18, 2019: The pups have all now been separated and placed into foster homes. Look for them coming to the website soon, and Valencia as well! She will be leaving the recovery room soon.

Update July 8, 2019:  Valencia’s pups are almost six weeks old. Soon they will be ready to be altered and placed up for adoption. The puppies are doing lots of wrestling and exploring which is wonderful for their social skills.


Valencia is allowing them to nurse just twice a day and they are all eating moistened puppy chow three to four time a day. Thank you Kahoots, for your support and free food!. They are all growing quickly and will be leaving the recovery room in a couple weeks. Watch for Kumquat, Satsumah, Tangelo, Shaddock, Cara, Citron, Pummelo, Midknight, Meyer, and Cutie up for adoption soon!


Valencia’s Journey:

New mom Valencia comes from Mexico and just made it into rescue one week before giving birth to 11 puppies. We were expecting ten, the last a surprise but failed to thrive. Valencia is a great mom, a real trooper. After laboring 12 hours her brood consists of 8 boys and 2 girls, 9 black and 1 brown, all big pups! 

She is exhausted but doing well.  Click here to follow her progress on Facebook.

Update June 13, 2019:  The puppies are two weeks old!  Most of their eyes opened yesterday and they are beginning to walk around a bit. They are gaining 2-4 oz per day and are going to be pretty big. Valencia is such a great mama and doing really well.