Valor • Always in our hearts

September 1996 – October 28, 2008

One very warm day in September of 2001, heaven sent me a very handsome, big angel boy named Valor. I met Valor when I rescued him in Camarillo after he lost his former owner. When I saw him, I knew instantly that this was the baby-boy I had been looking for and from then on, he was always the apple of my eye. Valor was such a sweetheart and a delight to have around. Like a typical retriever, he was very attached to his mommy. He was a very happy dog and was the entertainment of our house. There was never a dull moment for Valor’s doggy sisters and me as he always managed to entertain us. He enjoyed meeting people, and every guest I had over just adored him. Valor loved his walks, he loved to go for car rides and loved going to the beach. My big bubba also loved to meet all the female doggies in the neighborhood.
About two weeks before his passing, Valor was diagnosed with a high-grade soft tissue sarcoma, a blood vessel disease that progresses quite rapidly. He also had an infected abscess on his hind leg and lesions on his lungs. I felt like I was stabbed right in the center of my heart when I heard all these. You see, it wasn’t just Valor who was attached to me I was also very attached to my handsome baby boy. On October 28th, I made the very painful decision of letting Valor go.
I did not want his condition to get worst and have my angel boy be in more pain that he was already in. I wanted for him to be able to say good-by peacefully. Valor laid on his favorite blanket with his head on my lap, getting his head rubbed the way he liked it, and he was told by his mommy that she loves him very he took his last breath.
His face after he took his last breath was that of a handsome baby angel at peace with no more pain. Abbey, Misty and I will miss you Valor and know that we love you very, very much. – Rowena Schoen