Wasson *Always in our hearts

April 2017

Wasson (Buddy) was one of the rescue’s permanent fosters. Buddy came into rescue in 2011 and was given a short time to live, but with amazing care and love from his foster family he lived many joyous years.

Our wonderful Buddy just passed.
He had a great last morning
Had his Rimadyl in liverwurst .
Had his peanut butter snacks
Had his 4 pieces of Apple
His usual morning routine.
He walked up to the clubhouse in his usual cheerful slow walk.
He was napping his usual deep sleep up at the clubhouse but he was acting different.
He did not want to drink his water from his collapsible water bowl up at the club house.
When it was time to walk home
He could not get up or stand.
It all happened very quickly.
We brought him to The Vet Specialty hospital where he had his previous 2 leg surgeries.
It was obvious to us he was on his way out.
Dr Leonard the on call Vet gave him very gentle care.
We all loved Buddy and will miss him like crazy.
But you all will agree with us that Buddy had a wonderful life.
He was a friend to all.
He was a chivalrous old gentleman.
He was the ambassador of Fairbanks 
Ready to befriend even the most scared or shy dog.
When we got him from SCGRR (Southern Calif Golden  Retriever Rescue)they told us he had a”crappy chest X-ray ”
That he would only live 6 more months & we got 5 more wonderful years!
Thank you
Love Nancy &Buddy
He was & is our Angel