Meet Watson & Holmes! Adopted

Meet Watson and Holmes, littermates who have a tight bond with each other. Unfortunately, their dad is in the military and a very unexpected deployment overseas has forced this young couple to relinquish their beloved dogs. We promised them we would find a wonderful home for them, together. This is what he and his wife had to say about their boys:
He is an absolute cuddlebug. He loves nothing more in the mornings than to lay on the couch while you scratch his belly. He is a bit of a fat kid at heart (Sir Chonksalot)-will do anything for a cookie. He loves mango, pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, coconut, and strawberries (all of them frozen especially). He is a lazy boy for the most part. He “buffers” when he tries to jump up on things until he gets his confidence up. He is a genuinely GOOD BOY that loves anyone he thinks will touch him. When he gets an energy spurt, he’ll do zoomies with the best of them or try to eat his brother. They chew on each other as a form of entertainment. He is very affectionate, loves kisses and hugs. He doesn’t understand how big he is. He is the bestest boy and knows it. You can show your appreciation by rubbing his super soft belly skin or playing drums, lightly, on his belly.
He loves ear rubs, but is leery of letting people look in his ears, with his past history of ear infections (like many goldens, he is prone to them). He is pretty good about letting you put drops in his ears, but it isn’t his favorite thing that’s for sure. He won’t take pills, no matter how you hide them. I have to put them past his gag reflex and rub his throat until he swallows. His brother, on the other hand, will eat anything, pills included. He is a big sweet marshmallow and pouts if he gets in trouble, scolded. When he smiles it is fabulous, because he doesn’t do it very often. He is a total goof, with a tendency to follow his brother without thought to consequences, like a 5 year old. He is incredibly eager to please and really just wants all the love you can possibly give him, x 2. He is my sun puppy; he likes to lay in the warm dirt in the sun and sunbathe. Then he comes inside all nice and warm for a nap. He is like a curious toddler that puts everything in his mouth. He doesn’t necessarily chew on it, but his tongue must touch everything. Kisses are his absolute favorite; but petting you back is a close second. He is the Eeyore of the relationship, though mostly just in his adorable hangdog expression.
Watson was a cat in another life. He likes perching on the arm of the couch, running around in circles for no discernable reason, and getting love when it suits him. He is an instigator and troublemaker, but the worst trouble he causes is to groundhogs. He doesn’t like them very much. He likes rocks, will pick them up and carry them around. As a smaller puppy, he would occasionally swallow them. He hasn’t done that in months. He has a very unique bark, it almost sounds like he is underwater. He also loves any frozen fruit or vegetable. Watermelon and other melons really make him happy. He likes to play outside on his own first thing in the morning and isn’t big on breakfast. He tends to eat once ish a day, rather than twice.
He wants to touch someone( human) while he sleeps. He likes to sleep on legs or in between us. He is a very sweet pup once he calms down from his latest round of zoomies or let’s eat my brother. He does NOT do well separated from Holmes. They need to be within sight range, preferably also beside each other. He also needs to be muzzled at the vet as he doesn’t like the thermometer. After his temp is taken, he is good and can be unmuzzled. He loves edamame, also frozen. Watson has the softest ears in the whole world and is perfectly content letting you rub them, but his favorite is chicken leg scritches (back leg). Watson is a visibly happy pupper. He is the Pooh of the relationship.
He and his brother play rough with each other and it can sound like they are serious, but they are most assuredly not, and don’t play that rough with other dogs. They tend to be very submissive with other dogs, rolling over and showing belly at the first hint of dominance games. They get super excited to meet anyone and will sleep for at least a day after a good excitement. They are still very much puppies, in that they get excited and forget their manners. Neither is any good on a leash, but are fine with the leash itself. It’s more that we weren’t consistent in leash training, and it is kinda hard for one person to do when the fuzzbutts spend the whole walk looking for the other, or trying to eat each other if you have both out. They do pretty well off leash, especially if they know coming back gets them cookies and scritches. They are very good boys, and will be a great addition to someone’s family. So far, there are no treats they don’t like (but pupperoni makes them have upset tummies.) They love everything listed above, plus yogurt, bananas, apples, tomatoes, and anything else that they consider people food. However, broccoli and cauliflower are not your friends. They are incredibly good boys and any training failures are ours not theirs. With some consistency, I am confident they can learn anything. They are very loving and affectionate and will do well in a home that supports them and makes them active members of the family.
That home would ideally have a large yard/area/acreage for them to play in-they did not have that in their prior home and are really enjoying the room to run in their foster home. They would likely fit in great with kids, and a place to swim (they have not been in pools but would probably enjoy it fairly quickly-they love the ocean, and rivers and lakes I imagine a pool would be welcome. An active family would be good, as they are still young dogs and they love to hike and go on adventures. They are both very friendly with other dogs They have met the resident cat at their foster home, and are extremely interested in her, in a not unfriendly manner. Her, not so much, but it is apparent that with a little more time they would all habituate to each other (that said, if she ran, chances are very good that they would follow-that game never gets old, hah!).
If you think you could give these two pups the kind of home that would make them happy, please contact their rep at . Please ensure that your application process is complete (on line application AND in home interview) prior to applying to adopt these boys, as we cannot consider you and your family otherwise.

At 1.5 years of age (dob 4/23/2019) their adoption donation is $1200. They will NOT be separated, please do not ask.

Watson & Holmes ID# 5427 & 5426