Update July 29, 2019:

Thanks to a successful FaceBook fundraising campaign, Willa’s new wheels are on order. She is doing great in foster care. Her rehab sessions helped loosen her up, get her moving better in her chair, and teach her foster mom the stretches that will be important to a home program long term

Willa has a stubborn side and when they want her to walk in the loaner chair she puts the breaks on. Her foster mom figured out that if she just leaves her be while she’s doing something else outside, Willa starts motoring about and playing with it on her own. Reverse dog psychology in action!

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Willa’s Journey:

Willa is one of our pups from Mexico. She had been hit by a car and received no medical care. Her legs healed improperly; her knees are fused in the wrong position.  Willa’s rescuers in Mexico had been trying desperately to find a rescue to take her. We finally stepped in after confirming she is not incontinent, one of the biggest barriers to adoption. We did not know the extent of her injury until she arrived. Once in our care, she had x-rays taken and an exam by an orthopedic surgeon who analyzed her movements.  The following week she went back to verify her range of motion under sedation.  

Click here to see Willa motor about. 

Surgery in this case would be difficult and chances of success are questionable. While her case is being reviewed with other specialists, Willa has been enjoying her time in foster care. She now has a wagon for longer neighborhood walks. We are investigating wheel chairs as an option to empower her to move more on her own.  This may also be helpful if a surgery is done as both legs would likely need to be addressed at the same time.

Willa is a young lady with so much love to give.  We hope we can give her a life with less discomfort, more activities and joy.

Update June 15, 2019:  Willa’s wheels came this week! Getting her pink wheels fitted will take some time and expertise.

We are working to get her into a canine rehab place which will help her learn to use the chair correctly, physical therapy for her spine, and build strength and posture. Every veterinarian we have consulted has advised against a surgery, stating it could do more harm than good. 

Willa loves to stretch her back in a prayer position against her foster mom’s legs. We know now that her spine is feeling the brunt of her gate and could use a little help too. 

In the meantime, Will is happy and excited to meet everyone. Her custom license plate for her wagon came this week so she has all the luxury and options at her disposal. 

Update June 19, 2019:  Willa had her first visit at Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County yesterday.

Click here for video of her getting her wheels fitted

Click here for a glimpse of some of the massage therapy she is receiving.

July 20, 2019: Willa has been responding well to therapy – both her visits and the daily exercises and stretches her foster home does with her.  The initial wheelchair which was low cost – was too unstable and we are working to return it.  Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County has recommended Eddie’s Wheels as the quality standard needed to truly give her the support she needs.  After adjusting one much too large for her to test her…she has taken to it enough to give us the confidence to order one for her in her own size which will be more comfortable and maneuverable.  Thanks to a very successful Facebook fundraiser, your generous donations have funded the wheels Willa needs to be mobile! We are working to place the order this week.
In the meantime, Willa is enjoying life a bit more including reading with foster pop on the patio or napping under furniture which seems to make her feel safe.  So many pictures of Willa show her very serious face which is her nature.  But we are excited to see a few smiles in her latest pictures!
Thanks for the wonderful support for Willa!