Willa’s Journey:

Willa is one of our pups from Mexico. She had been hit by a car and received no medical care. Her legs healed improperly; her knees are fused in the wrong position.  Willa’s rescuers in Mexico had been trying desperately to find a rescue to take her. We finally stepped in after confirming she is not incontinent, one of the biggest barriers to adoption. We did not know the extent of her injury until she arrived. Once in our care, she had x-rays taken and an exam by an orthopedic surgeon who analyzed her movements.  The following week she went back to verify her range of motion under sedation.  

Click here to see Willa motor about. 

Surgery in this case would be difficult and chances of success are questionable. While her case is being reviewed with other specialists, Willa has been enjoying her time in foster care. She now has a wagon for longer neighborhood walks. We are investigating wheel chairs as an option to empower her to move more on her own.  This may also be helpful if a surgery is done as both legs would likely need to be addressed at the same time.

Willa is a young lady with so much love to give.  We hope we can give her a life with less discomfort, more activities and joy.

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