Winnie *Always in our hearts

November 2016

Hello Barbara & SCGRR Team:
We just made a $100 donation today in memory of Winnie who we adopted from SCGRR June 2009 when she was 4 years old. She was a beloved member of the Maynard Family, and we miss her dearly.  She was a true angel here on earth, such a little love!  Sadly she passed away on Friday, November 11th at 2:45 a.m. There was not a place I could see when making payment to make the note that this donation was in the memory of our beloved Winnie.
Winnie (aka Winniefred, Fred) had not been feeling well the past few weeks, we know our pups and can always tell, and had some back end issues throughout the past months which she had been seen at the vet a few times but it was intermittent and medicine and diet would correct.  As it turned out 4 weeks ago she was slightly anemic and protein in her urine which our vet could not understand in connection to her back end issues with struggling at times to have a bowl movement, and told us no meds for the anemia and protein in her urine so we were to recheck labwork again in 4 weeks.  We took her in sooner about 2.5 weeks later, as she was not feeling well, and turned from her food a few times, and labwork and X-ray/ultrasound revealed she became extremely anemic and had congestion in her chest/lungs so they believe she had a certain type of cancer that goldens unfortunately can get that causes them to bleed internally as she was not passing blood in her stool.  We got some medicine at that time to help prevent internal bleeding and they said she was not in pain.  That was Tuesday November 8th.  Winnie sadly declined from that appointment and we were going to put her at peace on Friday November 11th at 10:30 a.m. , however Winnie passed here at her home on one of her beds.  My daughter and I were up with her and getting ready to take shifts to be with her through as we did not want her to be alone through the night as she could not seem to sleep.  Once my daughter went to her room, as I layed with Winnie on the floor, Winnie was very weak at this point but stood up and I helped her and she seemed disoriented and stumbled a bit so I carefully shuffled her close by to her bed in living room and she layed down on her side and passed there. Thankfully she passed very quickly and peacefully and we loved her through the transition, and told her repeatedly how much we love her and she is our best girl, we will miss her but we want her to be a peace and ok to let go.  We all surrounded her and had our hands on her the whole time, petting her, kissing her as she crossed over the rainbow bridge.  It was a blessing that she passed on her terms and that we were with her.  Sadie our other dog was laying next to her as well and was peaceful.  We should be getting her ashes and paw print next week through our vet and Only Cremations in Newport Beach.  We have celebrated her life and so blessed she found her forever home with us.  Her electric candles that we lit are still burning, can’t believe the batteries have not burned out.  Her light will shine on forever in our hearts and minds and she is with us forever.   Our pups our so much part of our lives and at the center.  We got to spend lots of time with Winnie leading up to her passing, laying with her and loving her and lots of cuddles.  Fortunately our daughter was home from college the weekend prior to her passing and stayed that week as she declined and was able to be with her 24/7.
We will be adopting another pup again soon, as we believe we are not replacing our fur babies that have passed on, as we could never can do that as they are all unique just like humans but we believe in saving these beautiful lives and giving them a great, forever home.  I see that there was a huge rescue at Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino County and that you may got some pups. Breaks my heart.  We are are already in love with them all, love at first sight. Wish we had a ranch so we could adopt many of them.
Please see our note on social media below with photos.  You have our permission to add this and pics to the SCGRR site on the over the bridge section.
Our dear, sweet SCGRR rescue pup Winniefred (aka Fred, Winnie) passed peacefully at home Friday, November 11th at 2:45 a.m.  She was surrounded by her loving family as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts break as we mourn her passing however she will live forever in our hearts, our souls, our minds, and she will forever be loved and missed.  Thank you Winniefred, our sweet angel, for blessing us with your life.  You were the best pup, and like many rescue pups taught us what it mean to truly love unconditionally, with a full heart, and in the end you ultimately rescued us.  You touched so many lives with your sweetness and unending love.
We love and appreciate all the work you all do for these beautiful fur babies. We are so grateful to all of you.  This is an amazing organization.  Thank you thank you thank you with love and gratitude!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Thank you!
Best regards,
Jim, Alis, Mackenzie & Sadie Maynard