Meet Wrigley! Adoption Pending

Meet Wrigley, a 1.5 yr old golden mix. He is 65 lbs, grew up with little kids and loves them. However, he does NOT like people messing with him when he eats, so we feel that only older kids (13+ yrs) who can control themselves around a dog’s eating time, will be considered.

Wrigs LOVES to play with and tear up toys. Loves to fetch the ball over and over. A BIG expansive yard or field/beach nearby his new home will be good for him. We’d like a pool also for his hip surgery rehab. He is hungry to learn and wants to please.

Wrigs is kind of a lap dog, just wanting to be loved and feel like he belongs. We want him to be able to sleep in your bed, lay on your couch, play with your other pups and get lots of walks and play time and continued manners training. He does like to check out the counters and is an opportunistic pizza thief….so FOOD UP when you’re having a party!

He loves playing with other dogs, and to race around and play with them. He loves to be around his family and is like Velcro. He loves going on walks and exploring. He can get overly excited – jumping, barking, pulling – but this is likely just a puppy phase or something that can be addressed with some positive motivation training (ie, if I look away from that other dog, I get a piece of CHICKEN!!!). We only recommend POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT training methods with all of our Rescued Goldies!!! No chains or prongs allowed!

Wrigley will need FHO surgery, and SCGRRescue will perform that before his adoption. His new family will be responsible for the after care, and will be instructed on how that should go, based on how Wrigs does through surgery. Comparatively, FHO recovery is pretty easy, as our Orthopedic Surgeon will want his patient walking asap. He is just a loving and lovely boy.

NOTE: • older kids (13+) because of food resource guarding • active experienced dog family • pool – for swimming to rehab his FHO surgery • another dog to play with – HE LOVES OTHER DOGS • willingness to continue further manners training (he’s up to stealing)

If you have what it takes to make this sweet active fluffy guy happy for the rest of his life, please inquire to his Representative at

Wrigley’ minimum adoption fee is $600. We will have several thousand dollars of surgery, so additional donations are welcomed.

Wrigley’s ID # 5224