Zoey • Always in our hearts

September, 2009 – May 19, 2012

Zoey was relinquished to rescue as a youngster with epilepsy. She hit the jackpot when she was adopted to a family with children and another epileptic dog. The entire family dedicated their lives to her. Here is Zoey’s story sent with love…
Zoey was a ray of sunshine always wagging her tail. She loved nothing better than to play with our other dog, Casey. They would run through the house and backyard like a couple of small ponies. She also loved the mud. If there was a mud puddle anywhere, she would find it but was always patient as we cleaned her up. Zoey would be so happy when one of us came home that she would run to get a shoe and carry it around. Zoey also liked to sleep on Katie’s bed, taking more than half of it. If we were not getting up early enough, she would stand by the side of the bed and breathe heavily until we moved.
She was such a sweet girl and am glad she will be remembered. We love her so much.Run and play sweet Zoey you are fine now.
Paula, Jack, Katie and Casey