This is a special story about a very special dog: Dug, now Dougie.

Dug was found wandering the streets with a chain around his neck, hot spots, a very bad wound, and he was in a pretty rough shape. He was supposed to go to Corona shelter but was dropped off at their partner vet first. Monica, one of the vet techs, decided to take him home, foster him and help him heal.
Monica said she had been in shelter/practice work for a few years and he is one of the few animals that has impacted her life in a big way. She would have loved to keep him but she knew there was someone out there who would be able to give him a better life than she could right now.
A big thank you to Cathy and Barry who helped coordinate Dug’s intake to SCGRR. Once vetted at AMC, Gary and foster mom Glena shared the drive to Huntington Beach.
We talked about him on social media and he had quite the following!
Glena kept telling me how special and just perfect Dug was – there was not a single bad thing she could say about him. Whatever happened to him in the past didn’t matter – he is as resilient as they come. A true gentleman, sweet, kind, loved everyone he met and he has the most soulful eyes. People would stop when Glena walked Dug asking about his story and it happened regularly that people would just drop to their knees and shower him with affection (which he happily accepted). Dug absolutely loved being with Glena and enjoyed walks and car rides. It was clear that we needed a special person to adopt him….someone who would make him the center of their world and take him everywhere.
Debra Reed from Ojai is that special person – her letter stood out to us and when I called her to ask if she wanted to meet Dug, she started crying because she couldn’t believe she would be the lucky one to bring him home.
The meet & greet took place yesterday and Debra brought her friend Patrick as her dedicated driver so she could sit in the back with Dug on the way back.
From the moment she met Dug, it was love at first sight. She dropped on the floor and literally didn’t get up until it was time to go and she needed to use the bathroom….and believe it or not – Dug followed her into the bathroom and waited for her in the bathroom!!!! It probably helped that Debra brought her “Mary Poppins bag” as she called it – a bag full of treats, toys, a chewbone, etc. Dug was a big fan (see picture) 😉
After another 3.5h of driving (it also took them 3.5 hours to meet Dug in Huntington Beach), Debra, Patrick and Dougie made it home safely. The first night went well, he had his first Ojai meal (including fresh salmon and Sardines) and got to explore Debra’s beautiful 2.5 acre backyard. Debra already made appointments with her acupuncturist, healer and vet to make sure his wounds keep healing. We couldn’t have wished for a better home for this very special boy. We know he will be the most spoiled Golden in Ojai!
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