Flossy is a one-year-old, sweet and energetic pup. She arrived from Mexico back in April. While otherwise healthy, Flossy was not able to bear weight on one of her rear legs. Once Flossy arrived at our vet, x-rays determined that she had a fractured radius and ulna, likely from being hit by a car.

Flossy was promptly scheduled for surgery, where a metal plate was delicately implanted to help align her broken radius and allow it to heal properly. Flossy was also provided with a splinted bandage. With the corrective surgery completed, Flossy went home to her new foster mom and dad to begin the long healing process. Unfortunately for Flossy, this included six weeks of highly restricted activity, no running, jumping, playing, or rough housing. Quite a challenge for a one-year-old pup, but necessary to ensure proper healing.

Flossy just had her 6-week recheck at which time her splinted bandage was removed. Her fracture has healed nicely, although her leg muscles have atrophied, and she will need more time to build strength and stamina to run those zoomies she has been dreaming about.

SCGRR is committed to providing dogs like Flossy the care and medical attention needed to live full, happy, and zoomie-filled lives. Expenses for Flossy’s surgery and medical treatment are now over $7,000, with the possibility of needing to remove her plating depending upon her continued progress and recovery.

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