Flurry was a gift to our family. Our special Le Fleur, she would walk with me through the botanical gardens while I took flower pictures. Ultimately she would be the object of my shot because she was the most beautiful thing around.

Flurry loved rolling in the grass. Her harness seemed to itch her so when we got to open spaces I’d take it off and she would roll and roll. She loved her standing pup play date at our neighborhood park with her other furry friends. She growled and barked at her toys, sometimes startling our other dogs which would make us all laugh. She liked to sleep under my window with her head tucked in my curtains, peeking out in the morning when she’d see me stir. She received the best hugs and sometimes granted us a kiss. She had the warmest, most adoring eyes that looked deeply, like she knew things. I believe she did. She was gentle, calm, sweet, friendly to all. Being brushed and finding squeakers in toys were two of her favorite things.

I will miss whispering “who’s my pretty girl?” Into her ear as she was a true beauty. From the bottom of our hearts, from me, my husband and my daughter, we thank SCGRR for allowing us to be Flurry’s forever foster family as she battled cancer with grace until the very end.

She has left a lasting love in our hearts.

Kristen Escalante

Flurry’s Journey:

11 year old Flurry came into rescue in November of 2019. She was surrendered because her owners could no longer care for her.  During her initial vet check, we also had a mass removed from her neck.  Not great news.

Flurry has cancer, which will eventually get her, but for now she seems totally unburdened by that fact. Says her foster mom, “Flurry is active and playful with a love for belly rubs who growls at her toys and is a lip-smacker extraordinaire- like an elder without her dentures in!”

Living her best life with her foster family which includes two rescue cocker spaniels and a tortoise, Flurry chases bunnies and runs around the grassy neighborhood with her dog playgroup, returning only when she hears the word ‘cookie’.