Franky (aka Messy Pants), famed for flinging his food and hitting ceilings, cabinets and of course the floor…passed away the weekend of a brutal blizzard on the east coast. Cold was the weather and the cold touched our hearts. He was a gladiator amongst gladiators.  With health issues that prevented him from fully opening his mouth and then extending to other muscles in his body he eschewed them all, and enjoyed a chew bone with the best of them, a long walk on the beach; “I just can’t go as far as them”….and always mouthing a toy and sleeping on top of it.

He was a character and a lover. We journeyed together with my two other dogs across country to our new chapter on the East Coast.  Franky wasn’t fond of the cold so adopted a sweater wearing look with ease. We had an amazing year of adventures together exploring beaches and trails in our new home.

He succumbed on the morning of January 31st, almost a year to the date of moving here, due to issues related to old age. His furry brothers miss him deeply and his human’s heart is shattered.  He leaves a huge hole in all our lives and his sweater hangs by the back door so he always knows he can come get warm here.

Tears writing this. I miss him so, so much. He was a character and such a blessing in our lives. Grayson is still mourning his loss.


Catherine Finkenstaedt