Yesterday another beautiful fur baby crossed the Rainbow Bridge way before her time. We rescued Gracie Lu Fallon from SCGRRescue on April 2nd 2017, when she was estimated to be 1.5 years old. She was skinny and nervous, but I knew with love and patience, she would become the perfect dog.

While Gracie never really got passed being anxious, she was otherwise the sweetest, easiest, most well behaved dog. She was obsessed with tennis balls, and did rodeo spins of excitement every time we went out to the cul de sac to play Chuck It. She looked forward everyday to working with me in my Pilates studio, waiting to see who was the next client, and what treats they might bring her. She loved her family fiercely, even her 4 legged ones. She would grab a toy and greet each one at the door, with her pointy little head and wiggly butt, crying with joy.

Gracie lived a happy life: trips to the beach and the lake, playing bally at the park, visits to Chicken Grandma and Grampa, refreshing swims in the pool, and long walks around the neighborhood. Mostly she loved when her hooman and fur siblings came to visit.

Cancer took our sweet Gracie girl with the deep brown eyes far before her time. I’ll never get to rub her soft ears or kiss my favorite spot between her eyes ever again. I had made a promise to her at her diagnosis that I would never let her suffer or feel pain. We kept our promise, drove her to the vet, had all her siblings come to sit and say goodbye. We sat together for 4 hours. She enjoyed a last meal with us of 2 bags of dog treats, a McDonald’s ice cream cone, and an order of French fries.

They are never on this earth long enough. But thankfully, there is no cancer in heaven. So my sweet Gracie girl, I hope you find your fur siblings, and make new friends too. I hope there is a giant tub of tennis balls and a big swimming pool for you I will miss your crazy antics and how silly and entertaining you were, and I will keep those memories locked in my heart forever. Run free my Angel.💔

Tammy Barash