Happy Tails Stories

  • Meyer

    Meyer is a pretty smart, well adjusted pup and it did not take long to find his forever family (who BTW were not initially looking for a puppy). Sometimes things are just meant to be. Meyer has a puppy pal next door to play with, and a mom and dad who will be around a […]

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  • McCartney

    McCartney came into rescue in not so great shape. Looking much older than his 6 years it took some extra time and TLC to get him on the road to adoption.  He has found a fabulous family, including a canine pal and will be living a posh life from here on out.

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  • Jax

    Sweet Jax was relinquished in the 11th hour by his dad leaving for deployment. He was stuck with no one to take his dog. Though our rescue vet we were able to get him into rescue and adopted rather quickly to a family with experience with the Australian Shepherd breed. They have a pup just […]

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  • Willa

    Willa never made it to the website.  She went from the streets of Mexico to the front yard living of Corona del Mar watching sunsets on the sand with her own wagon, a wheelchair and a huge fan club in the neighborhood that stops to visit often.

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