Happy Tails Stories

  • Torrey

    Torrey is a shelter pup, surrendered for nipping a child. We see so much of this and it is attributed to lack of training and socialization. Well, Torrey flourished in foster care and found his forever home (sans kids) with a family experienced with the Aussie breed. They will have lots of happy (and active) […]

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  • Gypsy

    Sweet, little Gypsy came from Mexico after she had been hit by a care and surgical repair damaged her hind leg. After months of rehab in foster care, Gypsy has almost full range of motion and romps and plays like a typical pup her age. Best yet, she found the most amazing family who will […]

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  • Calder

    Pretty perfect Calder has found his forever home, complete with a few kids to entertain. He will have a wonderful life where he will be loved, cuddled, and get all the attention he needs. Score – all the way around!

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  • Echo

    Sweet Echo was a shelter pup, surrendered by his family because they could not afford his medical care.  He proved to be a pretty sweet dude, an avid counter-surfer, loves everyone he meets and bonds quickly to his people. The proof is in the match! After just meeting his new mom, Echo walked by her […]

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