Happy Tails Stories

  • Meet Foxy and her new Family!

    Hi there! Are you my new family? My name is Foxy and I am about 5 years old – or so the vet recently told me. Some of my records say I am 4 and some say I am 6 so let’s just go with 5 shall we? I am a very sweet girl with […]

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  • Meet Francis and his new Family!

    Francis was a breeder turn in. The breeder called the rescue because she had one puppy lshe just couldn’t sell. He was 17 months old, no shots, no micro-chip, no neuter, no attention or love. He was kept in the front yard that was cement and dirt/mud, day and night. Francis was so lonely that […]

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  • Meet Fred Astaire and his new Family!

    Meet Fred. He has been with us for a while, classic tale of car vs. Golden Retriever. Fred needed surgical repair for the severe break to leg. Lots of rest, love, and attention paved his road to recovery and now Mr. Astaire is ready to find his forever home. Whatever his background, from the moment […]

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  • Meet Frederick and his new Family!

    Hi I’m Frederick, or Freddie for those less formal. I’m 18months old, but still a puppy. I love being active. Dog park, long walks, hiking, it’s all good. I’m just a big ball of energy, as you can see in my pictures. My foster mom had a heck of a time getting me to stand […]

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