Happy Tails Stories

  • Meet May C Gray and her new Family!

    Hi! I’m May C Gray, but most everyone calls me Macy. My foster family thinks I am just about the cutest, sweetest golden baby ever! I came into rescue because my mom married a man who didn’t like me (I know, how is that even possible?). I was so scared of everything and everyone when […]

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  • Meet McClintock and his new Family!

    Hi, my name is McClintock and my foster mom says I am a real sweet boy. For my first 8 months I was in a great loving home. We moved to a smaller place and my mom and dad always had to work and I had to stay in a crate. They wanted bigger and […]

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  • Meet Meagan and her new Family!

    This little bundle of sweetness is Meagan. She came to us from our friends in Taiwan. Although we don’t know much about her past, at some point she suffered an injury to her front leg which has left her with a permanent limp. But this in no way affects her happy nature or her ability […]

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  • Meet Melina and her new Family!

    Meet Miss Melina…a typical 4 month old puppy who couldn’t get much cuter if she tried! She has a heart of gold and a mouth full of puppy teeth that are rapidly falling out. This means Melina wants to chew a lot, but she is more than willing to chew toys instead of your belongings. […]

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