Happy Tails Stories

  • Meet Snowball and his new Family!

    Hello, my name is SNOWBALL. No, I am not a cat, nor am I white in color. I am a gorgeous, strong Golden Retriever who loves to be near my humans and loves to go for fast walks. I am a lap dog (even though I am 85 lbs)….. I will also just follow you […]

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  • Meet Soleil and his new Family!

    This happy boy is Sol, pure sunshine and joy wrapped in fur. Soleil (a.k.a. Sully) arrived into rescue with his labbie sister Lunah. Soleil is about 1-1½ years old and still displays some puppy behaviors like chewing. He does not discriminate so it could be shoes, socks, clothing, children’s treasures of all kinds; even paper […]

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  • Meet Solo and his new Family!

    Hi, I’m Solo. I’m a gentle giant. My family had to give my up because they couldn’t take me for a daily walk anymore. I was an outside dog, but I’m really getting the hang of this being inside with the people thing. As a matter of fact, my foster mom says I should have […]

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  • Meet Sophia and her new Family!

    Sophia is the quintessential Golden Retriever. A stunning beauty with a svelte figure, who just turned 7 years old and boy is she a YOUNG 7. She loves toddlers & children of all ages, cats, dogs, and horse friendly. She is a healthy, happy dog who likes to play fetch with a tennis ball, loves […]

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