Happy Tails Stories

  • Meet Zak and his new Family!

    9 month old Zak is an energetic, playful, enthusiastically affectionate boy. He wants to jump up to tell you how happy he is to know you! Although, he is getting the hang of being a good member of the household in his house-training and knowing what he should and shouldn’t chew, he needs patient and […]

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  • Meet Zander and his new Family!

    Zander is an eight year old people dependent happy boy. He is gentle, has good house manners, loves the other dogs and wandering in his yard looking for critters Zander was found in the shelter in ICU. “Someone” had placed a rubberband around his scrotum leaving him unbelievable swollen and in pain. Our fabulous vet […]

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  • Meet Zandi and her new Family!

    This precious little baby‘s name is Zandi and she is full of character and enthusiasm! Her most favorite thing in the universe is playing fetch with her human family. Having a great throwing arm will be a plus . She runs, jumps, swats and tosses her tennis balls like there’s no tomorrow. She can catch […]

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  • Meet Zeke and his new Family!

    Meet Zeke, a handsome 3 year old playful hunk who found his forever home. Zeke gets along well with other dogs and with cats, too. His perfect day would include a long walk, some ball playing, and being close to his humans. He is a Velcro dog who will follow you wherever you go. He […]

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