Happy Tails Stories

  • Linda

    Super shy Linda (which means beautiful in Spanish) is hails from south of the border. This pint-sized pup really came out of her shell with other dogs around. Now she has pals about her size…perfect!  She is happy, and with the lead of her new pack is becoming a more confident pup.

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  • Sands

    Sands arrived from Mexico right around Memorial day. He was all about playing, toys and being loved. Sands has found the perfect home, complete with play-pal Marlo and they are the best of buds.

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  • Tripp

    Tripp was bounced around from home to home during his not so many years but has finally found his forever one!  Compete with Golden pal, they will have loads of adventures together.  

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  • Leila

    Lovely Leila was used as a breeder for many years before making her way into rescue. So much that there were medical complications that needed urgent care.  Well, this sweet mama never has to worry about that ever again; she has found the perfect pop that loves her dearly. They will have a happy life […]

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