We are writing to let you know that our beloved dog, Jack, passed away on May 17 in his sleep at the tender age of 14 and a half. (In your file, it should be under Giovanny).

We adopted Jack from SCGRR in August 2010. He was the best gift our family was ever given! The moment we saw Jack, he was the sweetest dog – an attribute that never changed for a moment in his life. Jack was so mellow, gentle, easygoing, goofy, handsome, and most of all, had so much love to give. We were already a close family, but Jack’s endless, unconditional love bound us even tighter than ever before. We were so blessed to call him ours for so long.

We still remember vividly the day we went to meet and adopt Jack. We fell in love and connected with him instantly; he laid down and immediately raised his front paw when we petted him; it was his favorite gesture. When it was time to say goodbye, Jack’s foster family was in tears. We promised him we would take the best care of Jack and kept our promise from that day on through the rest of Jack’s life.

Jack was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 9½  (July 2016). We took him to his annual checkup, where his vet suggested we perform a wellness test for senior dogs that resulted in his diagnosis. He started seeing an oncologist and was prescribed chemo oral medication. Up until his passing, Jack’s cancer was in remission.

We moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2019 due to a job transfer. We drove all the way from San Diego to Jacksonville with Jack because we didn’t want him to travel by himself, as he would  have been devastated not seeing us for the cross-country journey. Jack adapted and settled into Florida well. He continued to see a veterinarian and an oncologist here regularly until he passed away.

As you can imagine, it is very hard to accept the fact that Jack is no longer with us. We miss him terribly! If there is any consolation, it is the innumerable pictures and videos we have accumulated over the years.

When our children were away for college and since our move to Florida, they wanted to see Jack’s pictures in addition to FaceTime videos of him every day (our boys remain in California upon our relocation). Therefore, we have thousands of Jack’s pictures that we can always look back on and remember the times we spent with him. The memories and his legacy will live on in our family forever. He will always be our family’s first pet together, and as our boys called it, their childhood best friend!

Jack was cremated upon his passing. We got his ashes back on May 21 and we’ll keep him with us in Florida for now. However, we all agree that when we move back to San Diego, we plan to  bury Jack in our backyard between a pomegranate tree and a bush. This used to be his favorite spot; he would wander there often and would come into the house with tiny purple flowers from the bush stuck to his ear, happy as could be. Our home in San Diego was the home he knew for most of his life. As such, it is the right place for him to rest peacefully forever.

Our family wants you to know that we owe our biggest thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to SCGRR!! Thanks to all of you who helped us and others like us along the way and your continuous efforts to save other dogs’ lives to give them a second chance they so well deserve.  Without the great work you do, we would have never had the honor to add Jack to our family and be in the presence of his endless love. We are forever grateful!!

All the best,

Keith and Chris (and our sons, Jordan and Justin)