Jarvis , affectionately Sawyer to his foster family, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in his home on July 4th.  He was surrounded by love and his family.

He had some vet issues that were taken care of, but due to his overall shape, was not really given much time.  Love heals, and not only did Sawyer pass initial expectations but he thrived in his foster home. Holistic practices, quality diet, a pack of pups that embraced him, they nurtured him back to a spry old guy, who was able to check off many things on his bucket list:

  • Fiesta Island Dog Beach a few times- we’d bring his ‘chariot’ (collapsible cart) when he needed a lift-He even swam twice
  • Camping in Julian with 6 other dogs (and 4 people) He had a blast!
  • Fido Fest in Santee- everyone loved meeting Sawyer & he enjoyed meeting all too
  • San Diego SCGRR Church Invitation Adoption event- he rallied Strong for this
  • Dog Pool parties ~ This is usually about 15-25 dogs and occurs many weekends during the summer months.
  • His #1 joy was meeting new Dogs & people, but mainly he LOVED meeting all dogs. He’d strut his stuff, wag his tail & enjoy visiting.
  • He enjoyed many steaks as we celebrated milestones & birthdays or just because.
  • Yogurt, blueberries, bananas & apples for desserts; watermelon-not so much
  • Sunday mornings were off leash adventures, we’d bring his chariot so he could enjoy the miles.
  • Weekly he looked forward to “Hal, the pool man” because he got rubs & treats, and Sawyer always got an extra treat too
  • Because he was dressed as a Retired Dog Catcher,  Sawyer won 1st place @ the annual Golden Howl-o-ween event
  • He enjoyed a big family Thanksgiving, getting much love & attention & tidbits from the table.
  • Sawyer had his own personalized Christmas Stocking hanging on the fireplace filled with many scrumptious treats.
  • He celebrated many holidays & events with us, being the ever present patient soul & always as a loved family member.

Sawyer left a big hole in our daily lives, we still tear up looking at all the pictures & then we laugh at his tactics & memories of all the joy he brought into our lives. Run Free, Roll in the Grass, Chase a big Ball & Swim, Sweet Sawyer, we will see you again.

Andrea & Mike Roth

“Blessed be the person who takes in and loves an old dog…For their time with us is more important than our time with them.”

Jarvis’ Journey:

Jarvis, lovingly known as Sawyer in his foster home, arrived into rescue in January 2019 from the shelter in pretty poor shape ~ a skinny old man, with ear infections, cataracts, arthritis, and bad teeth.

Not ready to be ‘put out to pasture’ he is enjoying life in foster care with three other pups. He has been camping, to the beach, held court with other dogs at summertime pool parties and regularly indulges in treats of yogurt, fruits, apple pie and steaks. Now that’s retirement!