Back in January 2017, we were so blessed to adopt one of your special fur babies.  Her name was Milk, but we actually renamed her Lilo when we took her home.  It was believed Lilo was about 9 years old when we adopted her;  that means she would be approximately 13 years old today.

The reason I am emailing today is to let you know how blessed we were to have Lilo in our lives.  She was amazing dog, and lived her best life with us.  She loved food and walks, she loved hugs and kisses, and she loved us!  Today, she crossed the rainbow bridge.  Her body was riddled with cancer but she was so brave to the very end.

I wanted to also email you to thank you for the work you are doing.  You make people like us very happy to have had such an amazing and loving dog.

Here is a picture Lilo today before she passed away.  Just as it was day one, her eyes says it all…they say she was sweet, kind, and courageous!  She will be forever in our hearts!

Warm and loving regards,

Kelley and Devon