Lost Pets


Prevention is the first step!  In addition to providing a secure yard and always keeping your pet leashed, make sure you have tags on them at all times with your cell phone number and address.

Micro-chipping is also critical as it can’t fall off like a tag can.  Micro-chips are available at any vet or clinic. Most importantly be sure to keep your chip registration and contact information up to date.

If you have adopted a dog from SCGRR, it has been microchipped and we are on the registration.

If your dog is found, we will notify you immediately so be sure to keep us up to date with your contact information if it ever changes.

Time is Critical – Hit the Streets!

First, make sure to search your home and neighborhood equipped with favorite treats and squeaky toys to help coax them out. In the house be sure to check carefully in all the hiding places (under the bed, crawl spaces, in closets…). When out in the neighborhood, take a picture with you and paper & pen to provide your phone number as you check with neighbors. Check in hiding places such as under decks or landscaping, in shed and garages if your neighbors will let you.

Take lost pet flyers with you to distribute if you can or come back later. For flyers, stick to 1 design to help stay in people’s minds, make sure it is legible and stands out. Many of the Internet resources below have flyer templates to make it easy!Local vet offices, pet stores and groomers may also have Lost & Found bulletin boards – check periodically and post your flyers there as well!

But don’t forget to leave someone at home in case your pet returns!

Work the Phone and Internet

Make sure to call local animal control agencies, veterinary clinics, private and municipal shelters, and rescue groups. For a list of Southern California Shelters and Rescues, see our Shelters. Adoption and Rescue page. Check back daily – especially with the shelters and get pictures of your pet to the shelter in person as soon as you can. Post your lost pet on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GooglePlus, NextDoor, animal forums, and message boards of groups in the area – be sure to include a thorough description and photos.

Many communities have a Lost Pet or Lost and Found Facebook page where they will post information about missing pets.

If your dog was adopted from SCGRR, please notify us immediately so we can be on the lookout!

Additional Resources:

  1. Register for a free “Animal Alert” for your cat or dog on LostMyDoggie, Pet Amber Alert or Paw Boost.
  2. Register with national lost and found pet sites such as Lost Pets USA, Fido Finder, Pet Key, The Center for Lost Pets

Search and Post locally:


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