Our permanent Foster Luca has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Luca came into foster care January 3rd as an owner turn in. His doggie sibling had passed away and his owner believed he was lonely and needed more companionship. We soon realized that his vision and hearing were very poor.  He also had an infection in his elbow from a pressure wound, the beginning of kidney disease, spondylosis of the spine with weakness in his back legs, and an odd growth on his pupil which turned out to be melanoma. The vet determined it is not painful and surgery at his age would not be recommended. With the growing issues and his age (we estimate he is 13+ years old), SCGRR decided to welcome him into the permanent foster program.

Luca is a typical sweet, loving golden who gets along with his foster brothers. Luca doesn’t understand toys, but does love his food. He is a true Velcro pup wanting to be right by his human at all times. He was very proud when he learned to use a ramp to get into the house and car and has gained confidence maneuvering. Now, with his elbow healing, he will get to go on walks as he loves meeting new friends, both two and four legged. Luca’s tail never stop wagging.

He was loved by his foster family for nine wonderful months.

From his foster mom: “Thank you Luke for bringing yet another dimension of love to us. I still get up from the couch slowly to not step on you. I miss you and love you always.”