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Luna was surrendered to the shelter. At two years old, she weighed 24 lbs; clearly a sign of neglect.

We immediately took her to the hospital where over the next few days she was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) along with a bacterial overload in her stomach. Nutrients can’t be absorbed or digested properly by her body.  This condition is treatable and controllable, but since she had not received veterinary care, she was wasting away.

Luna will be getting vitamin B12 for the next 6 months to treat the bacterial overload in her stomach and additionally a pancreatic enzyme powder twice a day for the rest of her life to support absorption of nutrients.

She has settled nicely into her foster home where she is getting small meals every 4-5 hours and has gained 2 lbs in the past 2 ½ weeks. It will be a slow journey to reach her target weight of 50 lbs.

Currently she in enjoying gardening with her foster mom and playing ball. Lovely little Luna is on the road to recovery!

Update May 26, 2021:

Luna has transformed in her time in foster care. Her hair is starting to grow again, and her eyes are brighter and she smiles more every day!

When she first arrived, she lacked strength, coordination when trotting after a ball, her head was down, and she did not wag her tail much.  Now, this girl prances around with her head high and her tail is wagging a lot!  She sprints after the ball, and jumps onto the sofa with little effort. She also does a little dance at meal time.

Luna loves to cuddle and pretend she is a lap dog.

Luna Update 6/15/2021:

Greetings from Luna!  Our girl is doing great!

Luna was weighed today and is at 33.2 pounds!  She is gaining weight every week now.

We are taking little walks around the park more regularly, and she is chasing the ball with gusto!  She enjoys stalking, and trying to catch lizards in our backyard.  On walks, she is always on the lookout for rabbits and birds.

Luna makes friends wherever she goes as people love her sweet demeanor and happy face.

Luna’s health has improved so much since her arrival in late April – she is a different dog now!

Thank you for your support of Luna’s medical costs as it has certainly contributed to her well-being. If you would like to sponsor Luna or donate to her care, please select the yellow DONATE NOW button at the top of this page. Without your generous support we could not help pups like Luna. Thank you!