Our hearts are broken to announce that Maddie, who was in our permanent foster program has passed away.  It was truly, very unexpected; we thought that we would have more time with her. After a number of tests and procedures she was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma and a mass in her bladder that blocked her urethra.  There was very little that could be done. She was put on INSAIDs that began to work in reducing the size of the tumor and allowed her to empty her bladder on her own. There was no hesitation on my part that I would be her forever foster.

The medication was working very well, but the medication can be rough on the dog.  As the medication works, it tears up the tumor which causes blood in the urine, minimal at first but in the last few days there was more and more. Whatever was going on hit without a warning, she just laid down and was gone. We really thought that we were going to have much more time with her.

She was a Beagle. Golden mix, they call a BeaGo.  She was the sweetest and most gentle little girl.  Maddie fit into our home very quickly.  Winning my heart and Finn’s heart too (Finn is my Mexico foster fail that doesn’t usually show much emotion). When I would take Maddie to the vet, upon return Finn would be so happy to see her that he would squeal and leap all around her.

She loved being out in the backyard so much. The Beagle in her would cause her to dig and scatter dirt all over the walkways and then nap in the dirt.  This was bucket list time so of course she would be allowed to do it, it made her happy.  She would love to nap in the backyard after dinner, I usually would have to go out and get her when it got dark or I would yell out the back window “Maddie do you want a cookie” and she would come running. She would pretty much sleep everywhere in the house, going from under the piano to the bathroom then the kitchen, hallway, den etc.  If I woke up in the night I would go and check on her and would have to search the house for her, usually finding her in a new place or out sleeping under the stars.

She was always the first in line for meals and the first at the door for a walk, she walked like a Beagle, with her head down, and that Beagle strut, always on the hunt.  I will miss the joy in her little Beagle face with every adventure. When I would have to leave the house for a few hours, when I would come home, I could hear her squealing with joy as I walked up the walkway to the front door.  She would leap in the air and run zoomies thru the house every time, her happiness was so contagious even Finn would get into the joy.

Maddie always made people smile, with that Golden body and Beagle face. The neighborhood took to her immediately, always stopping to say hi to her on our walks. With everything she was going through she always took it in stride with a smile and a wag of her tail.  We can learn so much from dogs, I was hoping to learn more from this amazing girl.

Although I only knew her for a short time, I will miss her forever.  See you at the Bridge sweet Madness, in the end you got what you needed ~ LOVE, run with it.