Hello SCGRR family,

I am the proud momma of Max (aka Maxis ID# 4186) we rescued/adopted him back in 2016. At the very happy age of 14½ YO, he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a happy go lucky dog that loved walks on the beach and the park and most definitely loved his snacks. Everyday Max would greet us with the biggest smile and ready for the day. It was only until about 2 years ago that Max started to slow down from his daily walks as his back legs no longer allowed him to run as he used to. Still he would do what he could, looking forward to the kids coming home from school and greeting us with the biggest smile. We will miss him but knowing that he is in Doggy heaven frolicking and running and jumping as he did as a big giant puppy gives us peace of mind.

We will forever be grateful to SCGRR for choosing us to be Max’s family for the past 6yrs. It has truly been a blessing to have him in our family. He will forever be in our hearts.

Warmest Regards the Harris Family,

~Sheena, Keith, Ben and Drake Harris