Our beautiful Max!  When we first received Max, we had a little difficulty reading him. He was clearly taking his job of keeping an eye on us seriously – always watching and aware where we all were.

We gave him plenty of attention, of course. After a little time, we used more treats for training, gave him a lot more petting and hugging. He, in turn, rolled over for a lot more belly rubs and came in for a lot more hugs. He was so sweet and loving, and so happy to be with us. We were touched by his tender disposition. He watched his brother, adopted together, to try new foods, and to jockey for the best hugging positions. He was so eager to be a good boy, and was he ever!

Max and Marley were inseparable. Max loved to chase balls, even with all the arthritis in his body, he still ran. they shared everything – water bowls, resting areas….they were great dogs together.

The past month his family had to start helping him get up and down, and he was limping.  X-rays revealed his body arthritis-ridden. He was in a lot of pain. Max was about 9 years old.

Max and Marley (his Golden Retriever pal), were a bonded pair, both 8 years old and loved each other and shared everything. They lost their home when the family moved, and left them behind. They were loved and cared for as they’re sweet with people and well mannered in most things. Max and Marley were adopted together in February 2020.