We wanted to share that our sweet girl, Millie, known as Marzipan to SCGRR, left us on Christmas morning, after nearly 7 years with our family.  She was about 12 years old.

Millie brought our family so much joy, joining our family in 2017, when our two kids were in elementary school.  Millie was a constant pal to our Cavalier, Pippa.  They made quite a pair as they got older and Millie’s vision and Pippa’s hearing declined.  Any squirrels or peacocks that came near our house would be spotted by Pippa and then scared away by Millie’s enthusiastic bark.  Millie’s very favorite person (she had a lot of favorites), was my husband.  She loved cuddling with him, like the lap dog she wanted to be, and riding in the car to pick up Coffee Bean or a kid from school.

We are so grateful for SCGRR bringing our sweet Millie to our family.  She was loved by many and is dearly missed.

The Vales family