Mon Cherie

Mon Cherie

It is with broken hearts, tonight Cherri crossed the rainbow bridge.

When we got her, she was a very quiet, subdued girl, who got along with everyone; including Gilly our then 8 year old Golden (and only child).

We renamed her Mon Cherie (french, my girl) but quite truthfully, neither Cherri nor Mon Cherie stuck.  Neither was her name, and she wasn’t answering to either — But in the best of ways.
Meh, a rose by any other name is still a rose, and she was just that;  She was such a great dog.

In the four wonderful years she was with us, she had some health issues, pyometra for one, which almost killed her.  She had other infections and a variety of ailments.  Each time Erika and I did whatever we could, and each time she came back stronger.

Each time, she seemed more determined to stay with the pack.  After a few years of not responding to her name, we simply renamed her to FOMO (fear of missing out);  she wanted whatever the pack was doing.  Walk, let’s do it.  Car ride, hell yes!  Outside, or inside, she had FOMO of whatever the pack was up to.  Mind you, she didn’t respond to that name either 🙂

Interestingly, after the pyometra come-back as well as a few other issues, she went from subdued to a very vocal dog; in all the best of ways.   She did not bark, she “wooo’d”…. she would wooo wooo woooo wooo to announce herself, get attention, or simply remind us the sun was shining, and be happy.   We both have been caught singing “You’ve lost that woooing feeling” as we went about our daily tasks.

Thank you for entrusting us, and in turn allowing us to be graced by her.  We’re both big puddles of tears tonight, but also know she passed gently and with dignity, and with all the love we could give.

Attached are just a couple of pictures that capture the moment.

Again, Thank You!

Troy C & Erika & Gilly (now almost 13)