Nacho – Adopted!

Meet Nacho. He is a big, beautiful, 4 year old, who is a work in progress. Nacho has had very little attention from anyone he has previously lived with, and definitely would benefit from continued training. He is a very sweet, lovable boy, who is absolutely starved for attention. In a nutshell: he counters and table surfs, wants to sit in your lap, needs constant attention and affection, will chew shoes, etc, just to get your attention if you’re not giving him any. Other than that-he’s perfect.

Nacho is leash trained, although he can pull a bit when excited. He is very playful, friendly, loving and smart, and just needs to be shown what is appropriate behavior-he is smart enough to comply. He is great around other dogs, and good with older children ( has been living with a 13 and 11 y/o) -maybe not as good with much smaller kids, as he is big and strong and can knock the little ones over. He loves all people, has no separation anxiety, and can be left alone at home loose with no issues. He’s not a barker, or a digger, nor is he food or toy possessive. He loves riding in the car, and absolutely loves the beach and the water. He knows a few command, such as come and sit, but otherwise, as mentioned earlier, pretty much a novice. However, he is a sweet, affectionate, lovable dog that is in serious need of a family of his own.