Over The Bridge

There is an Indian legend which says, “When a human dies, there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which are turned away.”

  • Clyde

    On March 17, 2016, we were the lucky couple to have the privilege of adopting 2 golden retrievers from you.  Clyde had just turned 6 years old and Bonnie was soon to turn 4 years old. They came to us as a pair that you did not want to separate. These 2 dogs brought so […]

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  • Dexie

    Hey SCGRR Team, It’s with the saddest news that we lost my sweet Dexie (rescue name was Lexie) last week after battles with lymphoma. We had the most amazing 7 years together that entailed countless trips, lots of walks and thousands of daily kisses. Since I worked home, Dexie and I became instant best friends […]

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  • Fergus

    Fergus came into our lives March 2012 from your wonderful rescue and we are deeply saddened to let you know he has crossed the rainbow bridge December 2019.  Not only did he touch our lives but everyone that met him.  He was the sweetest love bug that constantly wagged his tail and was a part […]

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  • Junebug

    Hello SCGRR, We wanted to let you know that our beloved Junebug (Yoyo when she came to us from SCGRR ten years ago) passed away last week. We adopted her in December of 2009 and loved her very deeply. She helped raise up our two beautiful children, and several of their “cousins,” and she was […]

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