Over The Bridge

There is an Indian legend which says, “When a human dies, there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which are turned away.”

  • Roxy

    On October 5, 2019, I had to let go of my sweet girl Roxy (Foxy Roxy adopted from SCGRR 09/2008). She came to us at 4 ½ and was immediately a member of the family, sharing our lives and snuggling into our hearts for 11 years. She was the most gentle, sweet, friendly dog – […]

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  • Denmark (aka) Cody

    September 12, 2019 Dear SCGRR, This is my last night with Cody, our 11 year old golden retriever who has been with us for over 6 years.  He has been our companion, playmate, comforter, cuddler, and all around canine extraordinaire. My heart is so heavy with the pending loss of his soft gentle nature that […]

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  • Crowley

    It is with great sadness I am letting you know I had to let go of my golden boy Jack (aka Crowley)- who I adopted from SCGRR on May 6, 2016. Jack was only 10 years old. He started having seizures right after the earthquakes in July. They became more severe and more often, even […]

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  • Cassie

    John and I faced the devastating task of helping our sweet Cassie over the bridge yesterday.  She came to us from the rescue as “Toots” five years ago, and has been the light of our lives ever since.  Being a teenager, we’ve been focused on helping her keep her mobility as limber and pain free […]

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