Permanent Fosters

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue’s Save-a-Life Program allows us to provide lifetime care for dogs deemed not adoptable due to long term health, or behavioral issues. Most are terminal. We have had uber-seniors with mobility issues, dogs with seizures, many with cancer or assorted medical issues, feral dogs, and dogs with supreme fear-based anxiety.  

Many have been abandoned at shelters, some have been surrendered because the cost of care to their families was prohibitive, sadly others have passed along to SCGRR for Hospice because their families just did not want to deal with end-of-life care. Each dog requires a specific home to meet their needs. All of these dogs deserve the best rest-of-their life, which is what this program provides.
In the Permanent Foster Program, these precious Golden Retrievers live with very special foster families who love them deeply and care for them for the rest of their days. Your generous donations and participation in our fundraising efforts allow SCGRR to bring these poor souls in, and pay 100% of their vet care.  
Thank you to all of our wonderful foster families who now care for Belize, Bloo, Boddington, Bugsy, Byron, Rocky Mountain, Sassie, Sophie, and Zeus.

We are forever grateful to our loving foster families who have opened their hearts and homes to Danny Boy, Krystal Rose, Homer, Bentley, Princess Beloved Pearl, Branson, Balto, Rosko, Mansfield’s Buddy, Shadow, Phoebe, Nika, Portia, Neo, Honey Lamb, Shilo, Nani, Gretel, Goofy, King Arthur, Franklin, Auggie, Wisdom, Joey, Murphy, Stanley, Clarence, Fuji, Wasson, Riley, Mimsy Mae, Finnegan, Queen Elizabeth, Kobee, Gracie, Irish, Basa, Fedora, Pumpkin Latte, Archer, and Stellar, who have now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

You can read more about the wonderful pups currently in the permanent foster program below. If you would like to become a foster family, please fill out a foster application.

If you would like to sponsor one of our Permanent foster dogs, please select the yellow DONATE NOW button on the right. Your donations are vital to our efforts and allow these deserving creatures to know dignity, comfort, and love for the rest of their lives.


  • Byron

    Byron’s rescue story. Byron came to our rescue via the shelter in August 2017. He was at the shelter for 11 days in the heat of summer waiting for his owners to pick him up. However, they didn’t bother to come and get him. We were notified and went to evaluate him. He had infections […]

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  • Zeus

    This photo was taken the first day I met Zeus, in 2013. He had himself backed into a corner and wished he could make himself invisible. We were contacted by the shelter supervisor about a 10 month old flat coated retriever mix who was so fearful of everything, he was deemed not adoptable. His only […]

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  • Meet Bugsy

    Bugsy is a flat coated retriever who came into rescue at the tender age of 5 months. Bugsy suffers from bilateral buphthalmos, a congenital ocular disease. There is no lens in his left eye and the lens in his right eye is pushed way back so eventually Bugsy will be blind.  Upon physical examination it […]

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  • Meet Sophie

    This photo was taken the first day Sophie came into rescue with her BFF Phoebe. Both came to SCGRR in roundabout fashion. Their lifetime owner had passed away and extended family did not have the resources to keep both together. You see, Phoebe and Sophie were bonded for life. They were taken to the Humane […]

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