Meet Carson!


Meet Carson!
Meet Carson!
Meet Carson!
Meet Carson!
Meet Carson!

About Me

Please meet Carson, an older fur-gentleman who lead a pretty tough life on the streets – albeit he was free and happy! Mr. C is looking for his forever home and humans that are going to love him unconditionally because he has already seen way too roughness in his life. He will do well with people who have the time to be with him, he does not like it when his humans leave, but his behavior is not destructive, he just vocalizes his displeasure with the separation. Even if the fosters are gone just a short time, when they return, Carson is like glue, nudging for their attention and pets.

When Carson arrived, he had a bare spot on his back (probably from someone burning him) and was positive for ehrlichia (a tick-borne blood disease). He had a severe urinary tract infection which has resolved, and a grade 3/6 heart murmur. He is healing from all of this, including the last check of his heart murmur was much better too. His 2nd round of doxycycline began on 8/19 to address the ehrlichia.

Carson is a perfect house guest, and sweet with all people and animals. His younger foster brother enjoys his company a lot. He learned to use the dog door on day-1 and is now decently potty trained. He is a great dog who is very loving, seeking your attention and affection all the time. For someone who is looking for that sweet, smaller, and very friendly-to-all companion, this is your Guy!

He absolutely loves to play with a ball. He is great with Henry his foster brother who is much younger. He loves to run and zoom in the backyard grass and patio, checking in on his humans every so often.

He has learned how to sit when he wants a treat or if he is trying to tell you he is hungry in the morning.

We have discovered some manners and habits Carson needs to work on. First, he has a bad habit of marking on anything new he finds on the floor. This habit takes some vigilance by his humans, but is behavior- modifiable. From his street-dog-hunger days, Carson can still be a little bit food triggered. He should be fed “around the corner” from his new fur-family or supervised while eating. Carson just needs to learn house manners vs street manners. When taking treats, he gets kind of excited, so continuing to work on “gentle” will be in order. If his humans follow some simple manners protocols, this treat-excitement /possessiveness will diminish.

Being an older gentleman, Carson comes with some medical conditions that have been treated/resolved, but also are ongoing. His heart murmur was a grade 3/6, but is now a grade 1/6. His blood work is perfect, but he’s had a persistent urinary tract infection, which is now resolved also. He is being treated for ehrlichea, a blood-borne tick disease that is frequent in Mexico dogs. And finally, he has a patch of scared skin with recovering fur on his back – it’s hard to say what happened; and it may not totally go away. None of this gets in the way of his happy personality and friendliness.

My Ideal Home

Mr. C is looking for his forever home and humans that are going to love him unconditionally because he has already lived a rough life and now needs to be loved. Adults and/or kids, seniors would be a great fit too. We are looking for a home with another friendly dog, or a single-dog household, with frequent play dates with the neighborhood dogs. Carson just loves other dogs and people, so his people should be of that type also. Parties, BBQ, visitors, dinner out – Carson’s your constant companion! His people must dote on him frequently (as he wants your attention a lot.) He loves his walks too! His new people should be willing to patiently work on the couple quirky behaviors, followup on his medical conditions and enjoy a sweet, affectionate, smaller size pup, deserving of a comfortable life and being your constant, easy-going companion.

Want to Adopt me?

If you think Carson would love living with you, please email his Adoption Representative at

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