Meet Dante!


Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!
Meet Dante!

About Me

Meet Dante, a 1yr old smaller male that came to us from Mexico.

Dante is a shy dog, friendly, playful and trusting of other dogs, but afraid of people. He needs to meet and greet them on his own, slow and cautious terms. He is so very cute, everyone falls in love immediately. He has bonded quit closely with his foster mom and looks to her for security. We are looking for an adult only home that has experience with fearful dogs and are wiling to take is slow and help Dante along the road to courage.

These are the things we know he likes:
· Someone (or two) + dog to hang around the house with
· He likes a quite home with a corner (or crate) for his safe space
· He is very loyal and adoring of his “person”
· He’s so happy when you come home – fast wagging tail and whining for your attention   Click on Dante’s Video
· Mostly potty trained to go outside – he will whine at the door (same one when he’s excited to see you)
· He has a shoe fetish – but he does not chew them, just wants them near him
· He does chew up his toys and isn’t fond of fetch
· He loves his walks now (he used to be afraid of the leash)
· He walks well on a leash and greets other dogs nicely, and ignores people walking past
· He has lots of fun playing with his fur-foster sister
· He can take treats from strangers’ hands fine – but not a head-pat
· He will do the initial hand sniff but then back away immediately

These are the things that trigger Dante’s fear reactions
· His fear reactions are – backing away/hiding behind you or in his corner, growling, jumping toward the person and nipping in your direction
· If a stranger tries to pet him, he’s fearful, will first nip at your hand, then will back away
· He does not like people staring him in the eyes (typical of fearful dogs, this can elicit a fear reaction)
· When stopping on a walk, he soon decides he needs to guard his foster mom, and will give warnings to anyone approaching within the “safe zone”
· He decides to “guard” his foster mom from anyone stopping to chat with her using one of his fear reactions
· We’ve determined while he is afraid, he is also in a protection mode
· He has moved forward to nip at a leg, but then quickly retreats to the safety space behind his foster mom
· He does not want strangers approaching his safe corner in the house. Dante is just a little boy with a fearful soul, however he wants to be tough to protect his Person (now, foster mom)

My Ideal Home

In his new home, we feel he will need these characteristics:

· Adult only home willing to hire a trainer to guide them thru positively motivation training and confidence building
· Patience to let Dante trust and a willingness to help him build trust
· No children or teenagers in the home
· Another playful pup – and preferable a very confident and friendly dog to show Dante how it’s done from a dog’s eyes
· Experience with shy, fearful dogs and a willingness to accommodate his space until he is more trusting

Want to Adopt me?

If you’ve completed your home interview and believe you are a good fit to provide a forever home for Dante, please reach out to her rep at:  and please send me a detail email describing what kind of life Dante would have with you. Please pay close attention to what Dante needs.

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