Meet Marigold!


Meet Marigold!
Meet Marigold!
Meet Marigold!
Meet Marigold!

About Me

Meet petite Marigold! Marigold was found in a what passes for a shelter in Mexicali , heavily pregnant and (unbeknownst to us) incubating distemper. Since distemper can cross the placenta, we were not certain that the puppies would make it, but we hoped for the best as she was treated down there. Luckily she had a fairly mild case, and In July she gave birth to 7 healthy beautiful puppies who have now all been moved to their own foster homes. Now that she is spayed and her work as a “mama” is done, she is ready for her a loving home of her own.

Marigold is 38 pounds, and comes up to about your knees. She is a golden/chow/Mexico super mutt mix. Even though she is small, don’t count her out! She has plenty of energy, and enjoys chasing cats, squirrels, and rabbits, any manner of small critter – so a home with cats is not in her future. Marigold loves picking up shoes and bringing them as gifts, and often can be found walking around with a toy in her mouth.

Marigold currently enjoys sleeping on the cool tile, and loves nothing more than her morning/evening walks. She is potty trained and will go to the door when she needs to use the restroom. She is extremely smart and while she needs to be taught basic commands, she will be able to pick them up quickly. Marigold is a velcro dog, and will follow you around the house and be your buddy for all parts of your day.

Marigold’s foster mom describes her as very sweet and gentle with her 8 year old granddaughter. While Mari was a loving, attentive mom and was comfortable with her foster family around her puppies, she was not entirely comfortable when too many new  people came around. Like so many of the dogs that come from Mexico, she was likely not treated very well herself on the streets, and her mama bear instincts would come out if she felt there might be any perceived danger to her babies. Now that her puppies are gone, she is much less stressed (and likely much less hormonal, too).

Marigold does not like when other dogs stop and get in to her face too quickly, or for too long, and she will let them know-she otherwise does okay with them. Despite being pretty low to the ground, she does manage to enjoy counter surf, but she is is very smart and food motivated, and will just need someone to work with her on her manners.

She is extremely loyal and will be a great companion dog for any number of families. She absolutely loves her car rides and will put her front feet in your lap. Spends a lot of time sunbathing and lounging outside taking in the fresh air. Even the vets say she is a sweetheart!

My Ideal Home

Marigold would love to be your one and only dog. No children please. She will need a home that will be willing to work with her on basic commands, and help her get plenty of exercise. Marigold wants to sit in your lap, hang out with you all day, and be taken on car rides.

Marigold is QUITE the jumper thus a home with a high sturdy fence so that she does not indulge in any wanderlust. That being said, because she is potty trained to go to the door when she has to go out, she would love a home with a yard.

Want to Adopt me?

If you think you can give Marigold the life she so deeply wants and deserves, and you have completed the application process, which includes BOTH the on line application as well as an in-home interview, then please contact her rep at and let us know about yourself and why you think you and Marigold belong together.

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