Meet Foxie!


Meet Foxie!
Meet Foxie!
Meet Foxie!
Meet Foxie!
Meet Foxie!

About Me

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Foxie is a 30 lb medium energy golden mix. We think she is 1-2 years old. She came to us from Mexico, where she had been hit by a car. Despite her rough start and initial skittishness, Foxie has blossomed in foster care. She is very sweet, affectionate, housetrained, and walks nicely on her leash.

She is still being treated for ehrlichia (a tick born blood disease, but not contagious) and needs to be spayed. Her new family may need to continue with the doxycycline for a few more weeks. Occasionally she will limp on her right front leg. Xray do not show any damage, so there is nothing to do for the limp at this point.

Foxie is very vocal and will let you know with the most adorable vocalizations when she wants attention or needs to go out to potty. Foxie is a mellow girl despite her young age. She spends most of her days hanging out near her foster family, especially her foster mom. She does express her displeasure when her favorite person leaves – she will howl or whine for a few minutes until she gives up and calms down. She has excellent house manners and can be left alone for several hours without any concerns about becoming destructive.

Vocal Foxie

Foxie can be a little bit picky with her food and will likely need a mix of wet and dry food (or the occasional human scrap) to encourage her to eat. She likes to greet other dogs she meets on her walks, but was not thrilled when another dog came to visit her in her space. Foxie is good with children; she has not been cat tested. She does not seem to be particularly interested in toys or balls, but did try to defluff the stuffing in her dog bed when the cover was in the wash. In time, this may change as she acclimates to her new home.

My Ideal Home

We think Foxie would do best as an only dog in a quieter home where her person is around much of the time. She will require basic training also, and you can expect her to catch on fast. She is a hoot to watch, and very expressive and entertaining.

Belly Rub Foxie

Want to Adopt me?

Foxie is Adoption Pending and we are in the process of scheduling a Meet and Greet with the potential family we picked for her. Currently we are no longer accepting adoption applications for her.

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