Meet Nashville!


Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!
Meet Nashville!

About Me

Nashville, Nash as we call him, came into rescue from a local shelter. He is a Golden mix but we aren’t sure what the mix is! In any case, he is full of life and enjoying being in his foster home getting all the love and affection he probably didn’t have before!

Nash has pretty decent house manners. He is house trained, does not counter surf even though he loves his food and treats, and he sleeps well through the night in his own bed. He knows sit, down and come, and is not destructive in the house. Nash likes to be with his people, especially for belly rubs, but can also be found off napping on his own.

Nash is crate trained and likes to be in his crate when left alone. He will usually whine/bark for a little while when his fosters leave, but will eventually settle. For this reason Nashville will do best with an adopter who is home most of the time.

Nash has been around a few kids since coming into the rescue and does fine, but because of his age and energy it would be best if his new family had a little older kids… at least 8 or so.

Nash likes to play with stuffed toys, but when it comes to balls he mainly just likes to chew on them and doesn’t really show much interest in playing fetch. Speaking of playing, if Nash’s adoptive family has another dog, it will need to be a young playful dog as he will be a bother to seniors or dogs who don’t want to play!

We are looking for a home with a backyard for Nash to get his energy out. He has not had any leash training so his skills with going for walks need some help! He is so excited to be outside seeing the world, that he completely forgets his handler is there and zig zags all over the place. He’s not past flinging himself into fun looking plants if given the chance! A yard will help him get energy out, and may make walks a little calmer. But he will need someone physically strong as he pulls heavily on the leash. An adopter will probably need to work with a trainer a bit to learn how to help Nash become more manageable on walks. He does have some reactivity to other dogs, but it is more just his lack of experience with how to greet them.

Off leash, Nash is not aggressive towards other dogs, but he is very exuberant so he will need to learn some manners with how to behavior around them. This is why any other dog in the home will need to be young, medium to large size, and willing to play throughout the day.

We know that with an adopter who is willing to put in the training time, Nashville has the potential to be an incredible dog and a great companion!

My Ideal Home

Nash’s ideal home would include the following:
– someone with strength for the leash pulling
– a grassy yard for running and playing
– if kids in the home, ages 8 and above who are fine with dog enthusiasm
– if another dog is in the home, a young, medium/big, playful dog
– willingness to work on manners with meeting other dogs
– willingness to work on leash skills with a trainer if no prior experience
– an adopter who will be home most of the time
– an adopter who can provide Nashville with a crate so he feels secure

Want to Adopt me?

IF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR IN HOME INTERVIEW and can tell us why you’d be the perfect home for Nashville, please email his Rep at If you have not had your home interview, you can not be considered.

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