Meet Shanti!


Meet Shanti!
Meet Shanti!
Meet Shanti!
Meet Shanti!
Meet Shanti!
Meet Shanti!

About Me

Meet beautiful little Shanti! Shanti is a 4 year old, approximately 50 lb female who was an owner turn in.  This little girl has had a bit of a rough start in life, as she wasn’t socialized as a young pup. New people are scary for her, and she feels the need to protect herself and her humans.  This makes it tough because she is such a beautiful golden that everyone wants to run up to pet her, but she doesn’t want this type of attention from people that she doesn’t know. Her fosters, with the support of a behaviorist, has made significant progress with Shanti’s fearfulness, but behavior modification will need to continue for Shanti’s success.

With her humans or people that she trusts, she is an absolute love! Aside from her being fearful of new people she has a great personality and is super sweet and very alert. She is somewhat aloof and likes to be pet, but only for a little while and will get up once she has had her fill. She would much rather just hang out by your side knowing that you are her forever human. Video # 1

Shanti is an aggressive chewer! But up to this point she has only chewed on dog toys and deer antlers so it seems like she knows what she should and shouldn’t chew. But she is definitely a chewer.  She loves all toys and all things she can chew. Right now she is enjoying a deer antler, but she will also take a kong, tennis ball or any other firm toy.  It doesn’t seem like she enjoys plushy toys  but that’s ok, her fosters have plenty of toys to choose from. You can find her chewing on something for a good 30 minutes and then she will rest, take a nap, get back up and go back to chewing! Video # 2

She likes her walks, she gets two to three walks a day with her fosters for about 10-15 minutes.  She doesn’t need 5 mile walks, just enough to stretch her legs and get things moving, because she will start to slow down towards the end of her walk. She pulls at the beginning of the walk because she is excited to get out, and once you walk her for a bit, she gets into the groove and will relax her pace. On her walks, she enjoys trying to catch the birds, squirrels, and lizards so hang on to the leash if she sees one!   She is weary of strangers sneaking up on her or walking towards her on walks so the fosters have been working on this with success. This is one of the areas where Shanti has made great progress. In the beginning, Shanti would try to lunge at the walker, but now she can walk by with the assistance of a treat or distraction and doesn’t seem to care much that a person is nearby.

Shanti is a very playful girl and loves other dogs, although secretly we think she likes to be the only furbaby in the house. When she sees other dogs on her walk she will whimper and whine because wants to meet them.  She is being fostered by a family who has two other big dogs and she will play with them but her play style tends to be a bit domineering so the fosters will monitor the play so that it doesn’t turn into anything more than that. The foster’s own dogs like to play as well, but they are pretty assertive so if they don’t like the play that will let her know and sometimes she doesn’t like that. So if there are other dogs in the picture they would likely have to be more on the submissive side to allow that type of play or as mentioned, being the only dog in the house would be ideal.

Shanti is very food motivated and eats well. She will sit nicely waiting for breakfast and dinner and eat all of her food. She loves treats and snacks and loves to clean up the floor after a meal. When she came into rescue, she was a bit heavy, but has trimmed down a bit so just be mindful of how many treats she gets.

Shanti is crate trained so when the fosters leave she gets put in the crate.  This was advised by her previous owners and her fosters have observed that when they go in the front yard and close the door with Shanti still in the house, she will bark and whine. So there may be some separation anxiety. But when using the crate and returning home from an errand and calmly unlocking the crate and ignoring her for the first few minutes, she is calm exiting the crate. In fact, Shanti willingly will go in the crate when the fosters have to leave so there may be some comfort in using the crate.

Shanti loves to sleep close to her humans. She loves to sleep on her human’s bed and fits nicely in between her humans. But she also likes a doggy bed or a couch, or a chair for quick naps. She also snores! She doesn’t do well sleeping in her crate at night or if you are around and you crate her. Understandably sometimes this needs to be done and if so, crate her and close the door so she can’t see where you have gone.

At this point, a day in the life of Shanti looks like this: Breakfast in the morning, nap for a couple of hours, walk, go upstairs and help the foster work. She loves to sleep under the desk for a few hours. If the foster gets up, she gets up to investigate and is a little shadow following her. Lunchtime, another walk and more naps under the desk until its dinnertime. Oh and don’t forget intermittent chewing on her toy of choice. Then its dinner and she will retire to the couch so she can watch tv like a couch potato with her humans. And if you feel up for it, she doesn’t mind some tennis ball throws in the backyard if there is time. What a life.   Video # 3

It is unclear whether or not Shanti does well with cats, but ideally she would be the happiest in a home without any other animals so that she is the center of attention. The foster’s have noticed that Shaunti gets a bit jealous if the other dogs are receiving attention and not her. While they try to be equal, there are only two people and three dogs in the house so someone has to wait their turn.

She warmed up to her fosters pretty quickly but if the fosters have people over she will bark at them in fear.  As mentioned, the fosters have been working with a behaviorist to help Shanti through this behavior and she has been making great progress.  She can now visit Armstrong Garden or a Home Depot and not care that other people are around, but her owner needs to be the pack leader and she needs to feel protected otherwise she will try to protect you.  Most of her actions come from fear and she will aggressively bark but she will retreat and run away.


My Ideal Home

Shanti needs a calm home, either a single person or a couple who are willing to give this little girl a chance and work with her through her fear.  If training isn’t continued, she will continue to bark in fear.  At this point the fosters have made great strides with her.  You will definitely be rewarded for your efforts with a girl who will be by your side and will play with you, love you unconditionally and be the sweetest companion.  Training her will quickly strengthen your bond with her and help her trust you. You won’t be disappointed.

Want to Adopt me?

If you think you are the ideal home for Shanti and you have submitted your online adoption application and had your home interview, please send a detailed email about why you would be her ideal family to her rep Nicole and her foster parents at Please be patient waiting for a response – we want to make sure to go through all applications in detail so we can find the perfect fur-ever home for this sweet girl. Shanti is currently being fostered in Fullerton.

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