Meet Sunday!


Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!
Meet Sunday!

About Me

“Sunny” Sunday is a 5 year old golden mix full of love, with that easy Golden Retriever temperament. Sunny was surrendered by owner to the shelter, where he became very depressed and shut down. When SCGRR rescued him, his vet exam revealed a baseball-size fatty tumor. It was removed, and he healed quickly. After a few days with his foster home, his sweet personality started showing.

He is perfect in so many ways, but does have some behaviors that must be worked on with his new family. He is chill and calm, rather low to medium energy and needs daily walks to keep up his muscle tone – plus, HE LOVES HIS WALKS. Let’s tell you more about Sunny:

Sunny (his real name) loves to be with his people and is a truly velcro. In fact, so much so, that when his fosters had to go to work, he became anxious and barked all day when alone. Poor baby. We needed to move him to a family that was home more often and had a doggy companion. Now, he’s better at being left alone with another pup in the house, and his “sunny” personality began to shine even more.

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His face always has a smile, and happy nature is ready for your attention, a walk or a car ride! He will give a little whine for you to open his window. He is smart, a quick learner, a good listener (esp with a treat) and a fair communicator. You just need to watch his body language and listen up.

He is good with older children and nice dogs. We don’t know about smaller kids. He met one cat and was not amped up about that. He is house-trained, and will use his “inside bark” to notify you to let him out. He knows a few commands, “sit,” and “wait” for a short time, currently learning “down” and “leave it”. We are also working on a more consistent recall. In general he likes his training sessions and loves being rewarded. He takes treats very gently from your hand, almost without touching.

A Velcro pup, even if only to lay at your feet. He also likes to lay his head on your lap. He likes to cuddle and snuggle often with his foster peeps. If allowed, he would happily nap under your desk for the entire workday! Sometimes Sunny is not aware that he is 87 lbs, and will climb up on your lap, or lean into your chest while on the couch. He will also nudge his smiling muzzle under your hand, at perfect height for you to rest it there and pet him.

He is very good with his fur foster sibling and greets other dogs on walks fairly well. When he gets excited to meet other dogs on walks, that is intimidating for smaller dogs. He does not engage his foster brother in play, but will play when his foster brother bugs him enough.

He shares toys, balls, food and space next to the humans. We love that he is not a slobberer and doesn’t splash around water or food.

He takes his security officer role seriously; but will use a “whisper bark” when inside the house if he hears unknown noises – its pretty cute for this big boy!

He sleeps well, will not disrupt your night and loves his extra-large doggie bed that he happily took over from the resident dog. He loves being brushed, scratches on the back and belly rubs all day, every day!

My Ideal Home

Sunday’s new family should be willing to work on these things:

Being Alone: He has mild separation anxiety when left alone. Not destructive, but we don’t want it to get that way either. He barks when left alone, and mostly did not stop. He is getting better as he feels more confident.

Fear & Distrust: He doesn’t like when strangers come in front of him and start petting him immediately. It’s important that Sunny be given time to come to you and “ask” for a pet. Once he can approach a new person on his terms, he becomes friendly and relaxes in a few minutes.

Begging at the Table: He initially thought it was acceptable to eat dinner from his humans’ plate. Afterall, his head is tall enough to reach it! We’re teaching him how to sit down away from the table while the humans finish dinner. He also takes advantage of his height when counter-surfing for snacks.

Can be stubborn: Once, he took advantage of the car door being open, jumped in and sat in the car for over an hour, refusing to get out. So have treat ready for once he is done and jumps out. 87 lbs isn’t that easy to move without his help. He also likes to leave “pee mail” on his walks, and gets quite excited to sniff everything.

Someone at home most of the time or working from home
Sunny could also be your office buddy (if permitted).
Daily walks – multiple about 20-30 minutes each. Sometimes pulls to sniff or greet other dogs.
He will need an owner willing to train him more, to get rid of some bad habits and improve his focus
Love and attention
Another dog the same energy (optional)
Being your one and only is OK too
A backyard is nice but other than potty breaks, he won’t go out unless humans are there too.
Kids 13 and older OK
We don’t want to chance it with cats, but willing to consider if you know your cat is 100% any-dog friendly

Want to Adopt me?

If you think Sunday would be happy with you – and you with him, even if he still keeps some of his bad manners on occasion – please inquire to his Representative at

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