Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!


Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!
Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!
Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!
Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!
Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!
Meet Thomas, a super sweet boy who is looking for the perfect home where he will be kept safe!

About Me

Meet Thomas, a lovable and affectionate canine companion who will melt your heart with his sweet and gentle nature. Thomas enjoys cuddling with his human family on the couch, and his good energy keeps him active and ready for playtime at any moment.

One of Thomas’ favorite activities is playing chase and running with his doggie pals, making him an excellent playmate for other furry friends. He finds joy in the great outdoors, chasing after squirrels and lizards in the backyard and during walks. Although he might not be the best match for homes with cats, Thomas is generally well-behaved on his walks, except for his curious fascination with stationary cats.

While Thomas is making progress with his leash manners, he will need a new family willing to continue working on it, especially when it comes to his enthusiasm for chasing small critters. His eating habits require special attention and vigilance as he has a tendency to consume anything he finds, even if it’s not meant to be eaten. His new owners must be alert and continue training to prevent any accidents and avoid potential surgeries.

To help him enjoy his meals without inhaling them too quickly, Thomas has been using a slower feeder. He’s a polite pup who takes treats gently and happily sits for both treats and meals. While he once counter surfed, the right family can easily manage this by being mindful of temptations and keeping hazardous items out of his reach.

Despite his occasional barking at night and when spotting squirrels, Thomas responds well to redirection, making him a good candidate for a loving and patient home. He has a preference for sleeping on the floor, though he’s allowed on the furniture if he desires.

Thomas’ dream forever home includes a yard where he can run and play freely, and if he has another fur sibling to join him, that would be an added bonus. Active older couples who enjoy long walks and hikes would make perfect companions for Thomas and help maintain his training progress and eating management.

While Thomas is excellent with kids of all ages, he will be best suited to a child-free home due to his eating issue. This measure is in place to protect him from any potential harm and the need for further surgeries. In his current foster home, his eating issue is well-managed by a watchful family who keeps potentially dangerous items away from him.

If you’re seeking a loving and devoted furry friend who thrives in an environment with structure and minimal temptations, Thomas is the perfect match for you. With your attention to safety and commitment to his training, Thomas will flourish and bring endless joy to your life. He’s eagerly waiting to find his forever home and shower his new family with all the love and loyalty he has to offer.

My Ideal Home

The ideal home for Thomas would be one that can provide him with the love, care, and attention he deserves, while also accommodating his specific needs and characteristics. Here are some key features of the perfect home for Thomas:
1. Safety and Vigilance: Due to Thomas’s habit of eating anything he can find and we mean he will eat anything, his new home should be one where owners are highly vigilant about keeping hazardous items out of his reach. An environment with minimal temptations and potential dangers will help keep him safe and healthy.
2. Child-Free Home: While Thomas is great with kids of all ages, he should be placed in a home without children to prevent any accidental ingestion of harmful objects. This measure is essential to protect him from potential surgeries and health risks.
3. Responsible Ownership: Thomas requires careful management of his eating issue, and his new owners should be responsible and attentive to his needs. Using a slower feeder and providing appropriate chew toys are essential practices for his well-being.
4. Loving and Affectionate Owners: Thomas is a sweet and gentle-natured dog who loves to cuddle with his human family. The ideal home should be filled with caring and affectionate individuals who are willing to shower him with love and attention.
5. Active Lifestyle: Thomas has good energy and enjoys playing and running with other dogs. His new home should be with an active family or older couple who can take him on regular long walks and hikes. A yard for him to run and play in would be a great bonus.
6. Another Fur Sibling: Thomas enjoys the company of other dogs and would love to have a fur sibling to play and run with. Having another dog in the household would be a great match for his playful and sociable nature.
7. Continued Training: Thomas’s leash manners are improving, but he still needs ongoing training to manage his excitement during walks, especially when he sees lizards and squirrels. His new family should be committed to continuing his training to ensure he remains well-behaved and safe.
8. Patience and Redirection: Thomas may bark at night or when he spots squirrels, but he responds well to redirection. His new family should be patient and understanding, guiding him with positive reinforcement and teaching him appropriate behaviors.
9. Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements: Thomas prefers sleeping on the floor, but he should be allowed on furniture if he desires. A cozy doggie bed could be provided as an option for his comfort.
10. No Cats: Since Thomas has shown a desire to chase cats, the ideal home should be one without feline companions.
11. Minimal Clutter: Thomas will be best suited to a home with a tidy and organized environment, minimizing the risk of him finding and ingesting harmful objects.

In summary, the perfect home for Thomas would be one filled with love, activity, and responsible ownership. It should have a yard, another fur sibling, and owners who are committed to his ongoing training and safety. With the right environment and caring family, Thomas will thrive and become a cherished member of his forever home.

Want to Adopt me?

If you believe your home is the perfect match for me, please make sure you have first submitted an adoption application and completed your home interview with a SCGRRescue Volunteer. Then, tell my personal representative (aka Rep) more about why we are a great match via email at

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