I’m not sure if Dog people are made up of a different DNA, their own breed. I believe it happens on its own but then grows stronger and more evident with each day, each dog, each fur kid blessing. Each dog that enters your life expands your heart then takes a chunk of your heart when they leave. I’ve found I keep evolving a deeper and more intense love every day I’m blessed with my fur children. Because they are my kidz, I believe God had that plan for Mike & I, to do better, be more gentle, helpful & aware as dog parents with each dog angel He sends to us. Dogs are God’s gifts; they don’t demand anything from you, they love unconditionally, and only want you to be proud of them & love them back. I find myself choosing the company of my dogs over almost everything.  More than not if my dogs aren’t invited I prefer to stay home.

Dinner guest invites to our home always include their dogs. So much of my life is lead for the comfort, happiness & health of our fur kidz. And I enjoy this. Taking walks, turning my face towards the sun & talking in a deep breath as I stop to let them smell the grounds, watching a butterfly float by as we meander down a trail, seeing their happy dance as we pull out the harnesses or the keys to the golf cart for a ride. Snuggling together watching TV, hanging off the edge of the bed because you don’t want to wake them to move over. Taking the longer, slower way home so they can catch the breeze out the car window.

Phoenix was incredible. He was the ‘Roth Pack’s’ protector yet gentle as can be. He had a route along the fence line that he patrolled numerous times a day making sure all was as it should be. He was always ready to back up his fur siblings, he actually T- boned a husky & a ridgeback at the beach protecting Remy. He long ago mastered “delivery pup” & would carry packages (without asking) left at the bottom of our steep driveway to the kitchen. This also included groceries,  fast food & mail.

Dogs come into our lives so innocently, and create such an euphoric impact that when they leave there’s such sadness, emptiness & an enormous void. Having a dog changes who you are & how you see the world & yourself in it. Important things aren’t so important if your dog can’t be with you & many times its nicer to stay home rather than to go out without them. I admit that one of my greatest joys is seeing their tail wagging & the wide Golden smile. My heart stops a beat & all I want to do is give them so many kisses & bury my face in their fur.

We sit here now reminiscing, everywhere we look, seeing his happy golden smile that included his beautiful eyes, his expressive eyebrows, his bopping bip bip of a trot while his tail was wagging, always wanting to please us & be near us. Now His hedgies lay still, our tears still stream but he left us in the sweetest way he could, as we all were surrounding him, he just peacefully told us it was his time to go. No harshness nor heart wrenching decisions needed to be made. Mike just mentioned that he’ll have pages & pages of memories to write down, Phoenix had so many incredible facets, years of strongest trust, and ever flowing unconditional love. At Dr Feinberg’s hospital (he adored Dr Kirk) he was even well known by the entire clinic as the Ambassador, as he should be. He ruled his domain regardless of where he was.

What I wouldn’t do to be able to get a high 5 from him & bury my face in his fur one more time. Run free & fast with your Heavenly Hedgie dear son, I truly believe we will be together again. Thank you for sharing such a deep & binding love with us. You’ll live on in our memories & hearts forever. You’re 1 in a million my ‘Feeneey’, you will terribly be missed

love mommy & daddy