Recovery Room

  • Luigi

    This happy little guy hails from the shelter in Coachella. Picked up as a stray, he had an injury to his paw which is looking healed but is still not using it. Fractures in the front leg are healing very well. Since he is only 6 – 8 months old , the growth plate was […]

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  • Jetson

    Update August 17, 2019:  Jetson is settling into his amazing foster home. Yoga mats have been added to give him more traction and prevent slipping. His new orange splint makes him look like he’s dragging a carrot around. He spends his time snuggling and watching TV or listening to the kids practice the piano next […]

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  • Flynn

    Update August 27, 2019:  Surgery from head to tail! Flynn had surgery last week to remove the large tumor on his hip, had an abscess removed from his eye lid, was neutered, and had two cracked teeth removed. Whoa…that is a lot of work done at one time. He came out amazingly well after staying […]

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  • Andrew

    Update August 23, 2019: Andrew continues to have seizures and it’s a process of trial and adjustment to work through anti-seizure medications.  He has been weaned off Phenobarbital and is in the process of coming off Zonisamide, we believe both were counter-productive for him.  We’ve also increased his Keppra and Potassium Bromide doses which we […]

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