Recovery Room

  • Blanca

    Apparently this took some convincing but a kind-hearted Angel was able to convince extended family to take their golden to the vet at her expense.  They had inherited Blanca when her owner passed and were unable to care for her basic needs.  Forgive the graphic nature of this photograph, but how could anyone let a […]

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  • Marlee

    Marlee was heavily networked on social media, languishing in an LA County shelter.  At 10 years old he was emaciated and pitiful.  Several rescues were before us on the list but didn’t respond when he was ready to go.  He was micro-chipped and thankfully the owner responded and “released” him to the shelter so that […]

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  • Gypsy

    This little six month old puppy was relinquished to us a week ago after surgery in Mexico left  her femur healing improperly.  Please excuse the graphic nature of the photo, but this is just one reason why our international program in rescuing dogs from Mexico is so close to our hearts. Left in a cast […]

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  • Camille

    Camille is a 10 week old purebred golden who was surrendered by her family for a health issues.  She was purchased off CraigsList at 8 week of age, and like many backyard breeders, there were no checks for eyes, heart or hip clearances. Camille so far is batting two out of three with a dermoid […]

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