Sierra came into rescue in January 2019 and became a part of the SCGRR as a permanent foster. From her foster mom:

Sierra fought and won many health battles, but cancer returned and quickly moved into her lymph nodes and she could not win the war. She never stopped being happy, wagging her tail when people came in and looking for that next treat. When it was her time, she got all the food she wanted fit for a Queen and asked for more, which I gladly gave her.

I cried a lot that week, before and after, but in my heart I know she had more joy in these last 2 1/2 years than she ever had before. I am so grateful I got to enlarge her world, help her get past the many fears and health issues she had, watch her become confident; and to just give her love on her terms. She will be missed by everyone who got to meet her.

My sweet girl with such a beautiful soul you brought so much to my life; I will always love and miss you!

Run with all your new friends. Be pain free, happy and at peace.”